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Top Security Technologies for Realtors

October 20 2016

cybersecuritySusan answered the call just as she was locking up the office for the day. On the other end, a man explained, "I'm flying out of town this evening, but I would really like to see one of your listings beforehand. Can you meet me there in an hour?" She knew this wasn't a safe idea, but she'd been trying to sell that property on the outskirts of town for months.

Like Susan, many Realtors say "yes" in these all-too-common scenarios because staying competitive in the real estate industry often compels agents to put sales before safety. Fortunately, our online Technology Guideonline Technology Guide introduces Realtors to some of the top security technologies for protecting both themselves and the properties they represent.

For instance, Real Safe AgentReal Safe Agent is a crime prevention system deployed throughout an MLS or association. The system drives collaboration between agents to keep each other safe by enabling them to use their mobile phone to discreetly request help from colleagues. Should an agent send an alert, all nearby agents receive a drop-in alert along with the meeting location. Other agents can then casually check in to determine if there's a threatening situation—without creating any undue uneasiness that could ruin a potential sale.

Real Safe Agent also enables both the vetting of prospects and sharing of agents' post-meeting comfort levels with specific clients. Before a first-time meeting, agents can send a text message requesting that the prospect provide their name and a picture of themselves. The information is then stored in the system for safety reporting. After the meeting, agents may rate how comfortable they felt with a prospect. This rating is averaged with the responses from all agents who engaged with that client. The average rating is available to agents when they book an appointment with a new client who is in the system, giving them the opportunity to take precautions if warranted.

"RealSafe Agent is built on behavioral science. We know that crimes against agents are predatory and premeditated. Our system is the only product available that has the ability to prevent the crime in the first place," explained the company's CEO, Lee Goldstein.

In addition to preventing personal threats, Realtors must also use measures to thwart the damage or vandalization of properties they represent. The leading-edge technology for this purpose is a blue-tooth enabled lockbox by SentriLock that connects with an agent's smartphone or other mobile device. The SentriSmart mobile application allows Realtors to remotely send a time-limited access code to contractors, appraisers, or other professionals and provides real-time showing notifications so an agent knows exactly who has entered the property and when.

SentriSmart also offers a new extended feature to ensure agent safety. A timer begins when a Realtor enters a property using the SentriSmart lockbox. The system then asks for an agent status update every 15 minutes. Non-responsiveness triggers the system to alert the agent's selected emergency contacts so they can provide assistance.

While 42 percent of Realtors report using a safety application for their mobile device, it is imperative to choose the most reputable and effective solution. Our 2016-17 Technology Guide2016-17 Technology Guide provides agents and brokers information on the leading Realtor security technologies available.