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10 Reasons Why Consumers Are Ignoring Your Real Estate Videos

October 18 2016

"If you build it, they will come," was a true statement in the movie Field of Dreams—but you're dreaming if you think that holds true for the real estate content you post online—especially your video content.

There's no guarantee that anyone will watch your video, according to real estate media production expert Stephen Garner. "There are ways you can increase the odds of your real estate videos being found and watched," he says in the clip above.

If your videos aren't being watched, there's probably a good reason why—and it's not because video is a poor marketing channel for real estate. In fact, video and real estate are particularly well-suited to each other. Garner points out that unlike with real estate's traditional marketing medium, photos, videos are "not only seen, but heard, and in some cases, it's felt as well."

Here are a few of the 10 reasons that people aren't watching your videos:

  • Consumers can't find them
  • It's ugly!
  • You're a looooong talker
  • It's all about you

To find out all 10 reasons why consumers are watching your videos, check out the clip above!

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