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Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time for Targeted Email Marketing

October 13 2016

delta autumn targeted email mrktgAs a real estate agent, you likely know that email marketing is a great way to stay top-of-mind with clients. It's convenient, keeps lines of communication open, and allows you to pass along valuable information that benefits the client. But did you know that autumn is actually the best time of the year for targeted email marketing for real estate agents? Summer is a time for vacation, adventure, and breaking from the usual routine. In the fall, we get back to our daily lives – and real estate clients get serious about shopping for homes.

Ahead, the team at Delta Media Group will explain why that's the case, and how you can take advantage by creating a targeted email marketing campaign of your own.

Tis the Season: Why Fall Is an Excellent Time to Buy or Sell a Home

As people begin to refocus their attention on home shopping, we tend to see a consistent set of trends in most real estate markets year after year. Sellers are a bit more willing to budge on their asking price, while buyers are eager to close the deal and feel ready to put forth their best offer. Even in a market that is more favorable to sellers, autumn tends to be the time when deals get done.

That's why it's the perfect time for targeted email marketing for real estate agents.

The targeted part of targeted email marketing is very important to note, and it's ultimately what makes the difference in a successful campaign. The clients and curious shoppers on your email list don't just want to be bombarded with every listing in their area code. They want tips, recommendations, and listings tailored to their needs, not the needs of a generic real estate client.

Tips for Getting Started with Targeted Email Marketing

The first step is finding the right targets, and you'll want to keep the focus on clients / prospects that seem ready to make a deal. It's also important to consider your listings, and how they fit with the needs of the people who make your email list. The next step is developing your email campaign.

  • Remember that targeted email marketing works no matter who the market favors in a given year or month. Assessing the market simply helps you pick the right people to target.

  • Your website is an excellent tool for generating data that will help you automatically customize email campaigns for your target audience. When people sign up for your email list, the form should allow them to specify the basic details about the types of properties they are most interested in.

  • If you've followed all of the steps so far, you now have a list of strong prospects, and data about the types of homes they want. These are the key ingredients of targeted email marketing for real estate agents.

  • While the logic behind targeted email marketing for real estate agents is simple, the technical side takes a bit more effort. If your email sign-up form is set up well on the front end, however, you'll already have some excellent data to help get your campaign started.

Setting up and executing your targeted email marketing campaign is much easier with the right team on your side. Let Delta Media Group handle the details of your targeted email campaigns, so you can spend selling season doing what you do best. Contact usContact us today to for more information!

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