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Leads vs. Customers

July 26 2011

We found today's article on Mitch Ribak's blogMitch Ribak's blog.

Recently on another Blog, I had an Agent that insisted that my way of doing business, was not as strong as he does business because he would never consider his customer, a lead.

I did chuckle at the statement, but then I sat and thought about it a bit. Of course transaction wise, there is no comparison to what he does for business and what any of my agents does for business. However, it did make me think. Is generating leads over the Internet creating a quality relationship that I can call my leads, customers? After pondering a few minutes, I determined that my customer is a better and more educated customer than his customers.

Lead Conversion to me is taking a raw lead from the Internet and turning them into a consumer who is using my tools, my sites and my Agents to buy or sell their home. I think this is the ultimate sense of knowing you are offering a better product and service than the others that are out there. After all, there are millions of Real Estate websites out there and they chose to be loyal to my site and my Agents. I'm sure those consumers feel like a customer on my site. We service them, we call them, we send them lists, and we help them buy their homes.

After all is said and done, a lead is a lead is a lead until you turn them into a customer. it doesnt matter if they found you on the net, a floor call, a sign call or a newspaper call, its' still a lead.

I'm glad this guy went after me. It really made me not only understand more of what we do as a company, but I believe more than ever that there is no better means of buiding a Real Estate business than having a solid lead turn into a customer and then a customer for life. We have tons of them and you can too!