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Don't Get Blinded by SEO Science!

So real estate professionals coming up in the technology ranks, by now should know two things:

1) More and more home buyers are using the Internet as the single source by which they search for homes.

Top Seo Tricks2) To meet your audience online, real estate agents and brokers, need to ensure that their business websites, single property websites and other online platforms need to jump to the top of popular Google searches.

The best way to change with the times, is to develop and online presence and make sure people can find you! 

To do this, you will need SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technology to highlight keywords in your website. For example, if you want to capture online home buyers searching Google for "Saratoga homes for sale," you embed SEO within your website so it can track how often you use the words "Saratoga," "homes," and "sale" in your online content. The higher your keyword use, the higher your website is ranked and the close to the top of the search results it moves.

MediaVerso recently published an article written by Darren Henwood, Director of HeirQ Marketing Consultancy. His advice is very logical, and provides useful insight into what type of SEO service to use, and not to get overwhelmed with the technology lingo associated with this technology.

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