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Facebook Live 101: How to Leverage this Tool for Business Success

September 20 2016

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When Facebook Live launched worldwide in April, Mark Zuckerberg said it was to "make it easier to create, share and discover live videos." Essentially, Facebook equipped users with the ability to visually share whatever they want, whenever they want. Furthermore, it offers the ability to:

  • Have engaging conversations with followers
  • Reach new audiences in new ways
  • Connect instantly
  • Tell your story, your way

How can you apply this concept of instant connection to your real estate business? Here are 4 ways to easily leverage Facebook Live for business success:

1. Broadcast live from open houses

Traditional open houses are becoming a thing of the past. Potential clients are more reluctant to attend an open house without first knowing as much as possible about the property. Facebook Live provides you with an opportunity to broadcast your listing to a wider audience before they travel to an open house. Plus, the service allows for real-time comments from users watching the stream, allowing you to easily answer any questions about the property. This is a great opportunity for you to reach consumers who may be interested in moving to the area, but don't have the ability to hop in the car and attend every open house they're interested in.

2. Share property history and highlight unique features

Every home has history; use Facebook Live to broadcast the exciting back story of your listings. By providing the authentic and interesting narrative behind a home, while also highlighting its key features, you'll entice your audience and give them the opportunity to want to learn more. Check out our infographic with the top descriptive words for real estate listingstop descriptive words for real estate listings to assist you in voicing the unique details of a property.

3. Emphasize community features

Sharing knowledge about the local community will help real estate professionals prove their expertise to their audience. Broadcasting aspects of the community that people are interested in will allow you to capture the attention of potential clients; in doing so, you will be seen as a community resource, advocate and an overall well-rounded real estate professional.

4. Host live Q & A sessions

Use Facebook Live to remedy some of the confusion that accompanies the home buying or selling process by hosting an occasional live Q & A session. Choose one topic for each session to help you better target a specific audience and more easily prepare for potential questions.

Leveraging this live-streaming communication tool can truly take your plan for increasing online engagement to the next level. Agents now have a way to connect directly to their audience while increasing their reach, creating new possibilities for building a community and growing their business.

In addition to using Facebook Live as a marketing tool, Facebook's ad program can also be a great tool to expand your audience and reach new potential clients. Join ListHub for a free webinar on Thursday, September 29 to learn how you can use Facebook ads to fill your pipeline.