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10 Email Habits that Annoy Your Clients

contactually annoying email habits 1

Think about all the emails you receive every day. How often do you notice something that is so irritating that you can't even read on? What started out as a promising email exchange quickly spoiled, and the convo hit your Trash. It's bad email etiquette we experience daily, but have you ever thought that maybe, just maybe, you could be guilty of these email faux pas as well?

1. Blast the "eblast"

Gone are the days of a one-size-fits-all approach to email. Crafting just one message and blasting it off to your entire list every week, hoping it resonates with the multiple personalities you service just doesn't work. There are few things more annoying than receiving a batch email only to realize any prior communication with the company meant nothing – you're just a number on a spreadsheet.

The MarketingProfs post, "Six Email Habits That Are Alienating Your CustomersSix Email Habits That Are Alienating Your Customers," puts eblasts and the concept of "Batch-and-Blast" right at the top of the list of email etiquette practices that grate on our nerves. Here's why they hate it:

"...think about the impression you're making with customers who also have relationships with merchants that more fully understand their needs and desires. Customers who sense you don't care will delete, ignore, or unsubscribe, so focus on sending the right email at the right time for the right reason."