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Do You Fear Making a Call to Tech Support?

man on phoneIf you are frustrated from your experiences with past technical support calls and dread contacting tech support for help, you are not alone. When nearly 3,000 people were asked3,000 people were asked about their biggest customer experience success or failure in the last decade, 76% recalled a failure. Almost half – 45% – could not remember having a single recent successful customer experience success.

It's a universal problem that was a motivating factor when Florida Realtors® created Tech Helpline for real estate agents and brokers some 15 years ago. Our goal for more than a decade has been to eliminate the "fear" out of contacting tech support for members. Fear is a major factor when it comes to technology, ranked one of the top fears of Americans, second only to Man-Made Disasters, according to a study by Chapman University.

Tech Helpline has clearly been successful in removing the fear factor, as not only has it been dubbed the "Genius Bar for real estate" in praise of its Apple-like, personalized, experienced support staff, but has become the real estate industry's no. 1 tech support service. In fact, today, 60 percent of Realtors in North America – the U.S. and Canada – now have access to Tech Helpline.

How is Tech Helpline different?

Tech support really is all about the people, and at Tech Helpline, it's a highly skilled staff that knows technology and deeply understands the needs of real estate professionals. Together, Tech Helpline's office and staff of professional tech analysts have more than 250 years of combined IT proficiency. It really serves as the primary Customer Service experience for the majority of its members who have access.