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Do's and Don'ts of Talking Real Estate with Your Friends and Family

September 08 2016

HDC Family and Friends

"Oh, I didn't realize you were a real estate agent" and "I would have used you if I knew" are some of the most heartbreaking phrases in real estate. Don't let your family and friends "forget" about your real estate business by implementing these four steps.

Step 1: Occasional social updates

Your personal Facebook and Twitter pages aren't the place for heavy-duty real estate marketing, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't make sure your circle is fully aware that you have a real estate business.


Drop little reminders every so often. Share when you hit real estate milestones or anniversaries and let them know when you earn a new certification, win an award, or are mentioned in an article.


Bombard your friends and family with market updates, listings, and calls-to-action asking them for business.

Step 2: Casually mention it in passing

Real estate is a big part of your life and there are tons of ways you can casually bring it up in conversation without going into a sales pitch.


Feel free to mention drawing up a contract, hosting a great open house, or getting an awesome testimonial from a buyer you worked with when someone asks you how your day has been.


Manipulate conversations with your family and friends so you can give your elevator pitch or monopolize group outings with hints about wanting to handle their next real estate transaction.

Step 3: Wear your name tag

A real estate name tag is a great way to gently remind your family and friends that you are a real estate agent (and spark conversation with potential leads).


Wear your name tag while running errands or "forget" to remove your name tag when you're meeting friends right after work. Your name tag will gently remind your friends that you can help them with any upcoming real estate transactions they may have. Wear it for a few minutes or until the tag is commented on and then remove it so you can focus on having a good time.


Wear your name tag 24/7. Your name tag doesn't need to be on your swimsuit when you go to the beach or when you're focusing on family time.

Step 4: Unobtrusive product placement

Everybody likes free stuff. Branded materials you hand out to prospects are also great for family and friends.


Carry pens or pencils with your name and number on them in case someone asks to borrow something to write with. Also, keep a stock of branded pens in your game closet for score keeping and put some magnets on your fridge so that when your visitors go for a drink, they get a quick reminder.


Use branded banners, plates, cups, balloons, etc. as your children's party decorations or deny cake to kids whose parents won't sign up for your monthly newsletter. Also, keep in mind that mugs, t-shirts, and other branded resources are unlikely to be popular as birthday/holiday gifts.

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