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Realtor Safety Month Spotlight: 'Real Safe Agent' mobile app

September 08 2016

September is Realtor Safety Month. Each September, we consider the unfortunate truth that being a real estate professional means taking on a certain amount of risk. Humanity has its dark side and too many Realtors get a glimpse of it in the process of meeting with customers and showing properties.

Knowing what to do in different circumstances must be an instinct for real estate agents. Perhaps the best advice is that you should be prepared to give up anything but your life, especially if you are being threatened by a person who has a weapon.

Real Safe Agent logo horizontalReal Safe Agent offers a training course on safety along with a really clever mobile app. A key feature of the app is that it looks like your phone's home screen when it is running. You keep it in your hand during showings and may choose from two types of alerts.

The first type of an alert is for people that give you the creeps. It will find another local Realtor nearby to stop over and check on you (using mobile geographic locating technology). The second type of alert is a 911 alert—only much smarter than just calling 911.

You can learn more about how the app works in the video below:

Being smart about safety will reduce your risk! Be sure to review our article on 19 tips to stay safe on a regular basis. It's a good idea to print it out and keep it in your car as a reminder of what you need to know. We will be featuring other articles this month to remind professionals about ways to keep safe.

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