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The Art of Tweeting

August 25 2016

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Twitter is a great platform for people to blast messages across the globe in 140 characters! We see a lot of agents and brokers using Twitterusing Twitter as a platform to promote listings and increase their personal brand awareness.

We all know the importance of Twitter and appreciate it, but there is some etiquetteetiquette to it. Here are some tips to prevent common mistakes people make on Twitter.

Represent Yourself Through Your Profile

Have a professional looking profile pictureprofessional looking profile picture. Put a header image; this image helps communicate a powerful message about your business.

The 140-character Limit

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140 characters are enough to say just about anything. It is important to phrase your Tweets within this limit (yes, it includes spaces as well!). It's completely acceptable, in fact appreciated, if the content is 110-120 characters. Choose your words carefully!

Do Not Overuse #hashtags

Hashtags are a great way to connect with people about specific topics. Pick one or two hashtags, making sure they are relevant to the content. Remember #No one #likes #to #read #too #many #annoying #hashtags!

Shorten Your Links

If you are trying to link your audience to a website, do not use the complete URL. Try shortening it with platforms like Though links no longer count toward the 140-character limit, lengthy URLs appear unprofessional.

Include Images

We all know the power of visualization. Try using an image with your tweet, but make sure it's topic related. Many experienced Twitter users say that tweets with images perform better.

Engage with Your Followers

Ask a question and take the time to interact with your audience. It helps to establish trust and improve your social connections.

Be Original

It's easy to follow trending hashtags and tweet. But followers generally appreciate original content; it is crucial to create authentic content.

It is important to remember to be polite and dignified on Twitter. Take a moment to consider what value your tweet is bringing your audience. Have fun tweeting!

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