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Intermediate Video Challenge: How to get ahead using video

tsa int vid challenge 1

The most compelling CTA in marketing today may be the "play" button. Whether you've just completed our beginner challenge, or are naturally an intermediate video user, it's time to test out some tools and apps that will bring your video game to the next level.

Quick review of best practices

Here's what BombBombBombBomb's Steve Pacinelli recommends:

  • Don't shoot from below! Test out your angles and find out what's most flattering.
  • Look at the lens, not at yourself.
  • Make sure your light source is coming from behind the camera (or at the very least, not behind you)
  • Write a bullet-point outline and run through it 2x max before hitting record.
  • Or, simply think of recording a video like leaving a voicemail. You are just moving the phone from your ear to in front of you.
  • If any words or phrases trip you up, consider changing them out for more casual language. (Example: say "use" instead of "utilize," etc.)

Challenge one: Download and use Hyperlapse

Hyperlapse is an app from Instagram, and most people know it for its mind-bending sped-up videos. But you can also use Hyperlapse to stabilize your video, and you can set it to play at any speed (including regular speed).