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How Valuable is Blogging for Real Estate Pros?

July 20 2011




corporate blogging 

A perennial aspect of working in real estate is gaining the confidence of potential clients. That’s why establishing and maintaining relationships is such a vital aspect of real estate. Nevertheless, constraints are often placed on the amount of deals you complete because there’s so little time, for so many relationships.

How can you effectively maintain relationships with more potential clients?

One way is communicating your personality and expertise with large numbers of people. This is essentially what many newspaper columnists do on a daily basis and you can do the same with a blog. That’s right, you’re reading a blog about blogging.

With sites such as ZillowZillow, TruliaTrulia, WannaNetworkWannaNetwork and ActiveRainActiveRain, numerous potential home buyers and sellers comb the content for fast, reliable information from accomplished professionals.

Blogs can be updated with any number of posts and can be far more dynamic than regular websites. They also tend to be less formal and more personal, which is why they’re especially valuable for the REALTOR®.  With any number of topics to choose from, the only limitation is one’s imagination.

Does every post need to be about real estate?

Not at all. In fact, variety is what keeps people interested. Blending posts that feature helpful how-to’s, current trends and featured properties with a personal, less-formal touch will attract more readers and make them feel as if they know you.

It’s hard to think of an easier way to build the foundations for confidence before you even meet someone. In maintaining a blog exists the opportunity to introduce yourself to hundreds (maybe thousands) of potential clients.

Your personality and expertise instills trust among your current clients, and can do the same for future clients as well.

What expertise can you share with these potential buyers and sellers?