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4 Ways to Reinvigorate Your Social Media Presence

August 14 2016

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Last week, I wrote about a friend who shared her homebuying journey on Facebookshared her homebuying journey on Facebook. I was impressed with her agent, who used the opportunity to show off her great customer service skills in front of my friend's entire network.

That Realtor understood the value of social media--and the potential for free exposure that it offers. How can you take advantage of social media in a similarly beneficial way? Here are a few tips.


A lot of advice about social media centers around what to post. While posting is an important part of staying top of mind, "listening" on social media can be just as beneficial. In the above example of my friend, her Realtor "listened" for my friend to post about properties of interest, and then commented on those posts. This was not only helpful to my friend, but helpful to the Realtor who got a ton of free exposure from each response.

However, there's a lot of "noise" on Facebook, and it's easy to miss posts from your clients--and the opportunity to engage them publically. Never fear! Facebook offers a handy way to keep on top of posts from clients, and we recommend taking advantage of it.

Simply go to your client's Facebook profile and click the button that says "Following." Change the setting their from "Default" to "See First." This will put anything that your client posts at the top of your newsfeed, ensuring that whatever they share won't get lost in the shuffle.

To get a little more aggressive about keeping tabs on their posts, you can also use Facebook's notification feature. From your contact's Facebook profile, click the button that says "Friends." A drop-down menu will appear. Click "Get notifications." Enabling this option means that Facebook will alert you whenever your friend posts a status update or a photo. If it's a post like a shared property, or something real estate related, you can immediately respond to the post and get exposure to their network.

Make Sure Your Profile's Ready for Prime Time

If you're commenting on your client's posts, that means that their friends may very well be checking out your profile. This is what you want, but you have to be sure that your profile is ready to be viewed so that you don't miss out on potential leads. Make sure you've added a link to your website on your profile, and that its privacy setting is set to Public so that everyone can see it.

Facebook also lets you add contact information like your email address and phone number to your profile. You can make these public, as well, so that potential leads are able to contact you.

Share Your Listings Sparingly...

The fastest way to irritate your network is to post nothing but links to your own listings. Posting the occasional listing is fine, of course, but be sure you're also posting things of value to your network. This can be anything from home design tips, beautiful gardens, funny memes, photos, etc. Just don't make your Facebook stream "me, me, me" all the time.

If you primarily work as a buyer's agent, you may not have many of your own listings to share. In that case, you can occasionally share listings of other agents instead. However, be sure you have their permission first, otherwise you may be in violation of NAR's Code of Ethics.

...But Encourage Your Clients to Share Listings

One thing you shouldn't be shy about, however, is encouraging your clients to share listings with their own networks. Sellers can post their home's property details page and ask their network to share it to give the home more exposure. Buyers can post links to properties they're interested in to elicit advice and feedback from their friends.

The key here is to know from where your clients are sharing links. You want them sharing links that lead back to your website or another branded tool that you use, not platforms like Zillow! If you introduce your clients to a property search app or tool that you control from the beginning of your relationship, you should be just fine. ListingbookListingbook, for example, is a property search app that's branded to the agent and lets consumers share properties easily via social sharing buttons.

Social sharing buttons make it easy for your clients or other interested consumers to publicize your listings for you. Listingbook also lets agents share a unique link that lets anybody who may be interested in buying or selling a home get a Listingbook account directly from that agent.

These are just a few tips for how you can use social media more effectively. Do you have any great tips that we missed? Share them in the comments below!