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How to Ensure First Time Home Buyers Will Think of You Every Week

August 11 2016

new homeowners 1Normally, I reserve this column for articles regarding content marketing advice, but today I'm mixing it up and giving you some unsolicited real estate advice.

I recently read a post on Reddit that made me think of you all: Homeowners of Reddit: When you purchased your first home, what item did you not think about that ended being very useful to you?

I know that thoughtful housewarming gifts are a staple of good real estate agent manners after the new homeowner moves in. On the day we moved in to our first purchased home, our Realtor® gave us a beautiful set of margarita glasses. As much as we love them, and think of her when we use them, the reality is that they have gathered much more dust than they've been filled with tequila.

The idea of the housewarming gift should be as much a gesture of appreciation for your clients' business as it is a vehicle to have them remember you, fondly. The more they think of you (positively), the more they are apt to consider you again the next time they need the service you offer.

Give them something thoughtful and super useful!

The post mentioned above was incredibly popular with over 16,000 comments discussing useful items for a new home buyer. I've saved you the trouble of combing through it, and here is a comprehensive list of practical, and affordable housewarming gifts for a first-time home buyer.

*Depending on your budget, some of these items would be great packaged together.

  • Folding 2-Step Stool – Under $20
  • Ladder – Under $100
  • Cordless Drill – Under $75
  • Wetvac – Under $60
  • Dusbuster/vaccuum – Under $50
  • Flashlights and Candles – Under $50
  • Nightlights and Light bulbs – Under $40
  • Adhesives (various caulks, super glue, wood glue) – Under $30
  • Plunger and Pipe Auger (snake) – Under $40
  • Studfinder – Under $20
  • Large Bucket – Under $20
  • Dolly/Hand-truck – Under $50
  • Wheelbarrow/Yard Cart – Under $100
  • Personalized Coat/Key Hook – Under $50
  • BBQ Grill – Under $150
  • Grilling Tools – Under $40
  • Fire Place Tools – $150

There were hundreds of other ideas, but the above struck me as most generally useful. Here is the original post if you wanted to check it out.

To view the original article, visit the Real Estate Tomato blog.