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How to Follow-up with Buyer and Seller Leads the RIGHT Way

July 24 2016

home cell laptopLast week, we shared some campaigns you can use to start driving people to your website. While we divvied the campaigns by the type of lead they're most likely to generate–low intent, medium intent, or high intent–there's still a chance for any of the campaigns to generate any type of lead. The Home Value campaign might find a seller that needs to list their home right away, or the Home Search campaign might find a buyer ready to buy now.

That's why you need a method for sorting the leads that are low intent–still a ways off from being ready to actively engage in the home buying or selling process–and medium and high intent leads who are ready to take action now or in the near future. After all, if you don't respond to someone who is ready to act now, they are going to go somewhere else!

To do this, you should make an instant offer, something that buyers or sellers would want to take you up on if they're ready to act now.

Offer for Home Buyers: The Home Buyer Direct Access Program

When you run a Home Search campaign, occasionally you'll find a buyer that seems low intent, but is actually ready to make the move. Maybe they're masking their intent until they get a better ready on you. Maybe they just need to see the right property to spur them to action. Regardless, you need a way to sort those buyers out.

To do so, we make an offer to sign up for our "Home Buyer Direct Access" program. But what is a "Home Buyer Direct Access" program? Basically, this is an offer to set them up on a home search; we're just packaging it differently (much like the PDF report from yesterday!) We offer a customized search that offers real-time housing market updates.

Before you naysay this idea, at a recent open house for a luxury home, Garry offered our Buyer Direct Access program to someone who was "just looking." A couple days later, he was showing them a home!

You also don't need a fancy or custom service to do this. If you are part of an MLS, there are customized search options to notify you when a new home comes on the market that meets your criteria.

Here's an example of what the email you send might look like:

pa followup buyer seller right 1

Of course, when someone is interested in the Buyer Direct Access program, we'll need to talk to that person to determine their criteria. This opens up the opportunity for an initial phone conversation, and the chance to move ahead with those buyers ready to act now.

Offer for Home Sellers: Good Home Value Analysis

For sellers, we offer a Good Home Value Analysis. For us, this name plays off the name of our brokerage, GoodLife RealtyGoodLife Realty, and you can make your offer with any name you choose.

However, it's important to note that with this offer, the emphasis is on analysis. Different from the free home valuation offer we made in the lead generation campaign, the Home Value Analysis helps sellers get a complete understanding of their home's potential on the market, tips for how to increase their home's resale value, pricing strategies, and more.

For you to provide this information, they will need to give you information about their home, which is the perfect segue to scheduling an initial seller consultation. What's more, you can't really provide an in-depth appointment until you've toured the property, so you have an excellent opportunity to schedule a listing appointment with sellers who response to this email.

The email looks like this:

pa followup buyer seller right 2

Again, this is just taking your services and expertise and packaging it up into an attractive, engaging offer. Remember, though, that most sellers will NOT take you up on this offer. For those that don't, you want to add them to your longer term email campaigns where you provide information and build trust and confidence over time.

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