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7 Tips for Distributing Real Estate Video Content

July 19 2016

hfinder distributing real estate video content

When taking advantage of the immense power of real estate videos, there are quite a few ways to ensure that you are getting maximum exposure and the most Search Engine Optimization (SEO) from your investment. Surprisingly, many agents take the time to create cinematic property videos that go largely unnoticed. Developing a brand following for your agency takes time, but there are a few easy ways to ensure that your videos get noticed.


The most obvious way to build up impressions and views on your video content is by publishing high-quality cinematography. Videos with aerial drone footage, slow-motion shots, and cinematic camera moves will quickly put your videos in the spotlight, where potential buyers (and future sellers) will take notice.

Videos that go "viral" can generate hundreds of thousands of impressions and create significant exposure for your listing and brand. Setting the bar high in terms of quality will also drive viewers to your other video and web content. Conversely, poor video resolution, jumpy footage, or jittery drone clips will quickly drive web traffic away or even turn away a potential client.

Distribute on multiple platforms

A professional and active social media presence is essential for every real estate agent. Social media is the top way to create one-on-one engagement of potential buyers and sellers in your local market. While Facebook is the go-to channel for most real estate videos, publishing on many channels is the best way to quickly generate more impressions and create long-lasting SEO benefits. It's recommended that agents also create channels on YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo that are properly branded with your website, headshot, agency, and contact information.

Tags and keywords

Don't underestimate the power of tags and keywords! Hashtags (tags using the # character prefix) are the best way to drive organic traffic to your Facebook and Instagram video posts. On YouTube and Vimeo channels, be sure to include comprehensive keyword-rich information in the description section of your videos along with links to your website and other contact information.

Eye-catching titles

Using high visibility adjectives (think BREATHTAKING, STUNNING, AMAZING, etc.) in your video titles is an old trick but a remarkably effective method to generate video impressions. Make the most of the allotted video title space to include regional keywords and terms like "real estate" along with your agency name. Video titles are the most visible in search results, so including your name is an easy way to generate added name and brand exposure.

Embed video in your website

Many agents utilize personal websites and social media branding in addition to what's offered by their parent agency. Top sellers know that developing a personal brand identity is critical to long-term success and name recognition. Branded agent websites generate significant traffic and leads for their owners, as well as impressions on real estate videos. Creating a featured listing section is a perfect place to showcase a property video and gain impressions. Additionally, video content is one of the best ways to increase session duration on your site, which is rewarded with better search engine rankings by Google.

Listing services

Most regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS) affiliates have specific instructions for including video content within the official property listing. Although MLS videos are required to be clear of any contact information, signage, or agency branding, hosting the embedded video on your YouTube or Vimeo channel will still drive traffic to your brand. Videos tied to the MLS are propagated to other outlets like Zillow, Trulia, and, which will also generate significant impressions and boost your long-term SEO.

Promote your video

Finally, promoting (or boosting) your video on Facebook or YouTube is an easy way to market your property video. By using the targeting features, you can select a specific demographic that may be interested in your listing or services. Spending $100, or even $20, guarantees hundreds, maybe thousands of additional impressions amongst potential buyers and sellers. Given the effectiveness of social media engagement and cost effectiveness compared to other Cost-Per-Click (CPC) promotions, boosting a video post on Facebook may be the best bang for your buck.

After investing in a professional real estate film, properly marketing the video will make all the difference in its short and long-term effectiveness. Property videos have incredible potential to reach a large audience, generate significant exposure for your brand and are great collateral at sales presentations to show clients you are willing to set your marketing apart from the pack. As the popularity of social media continues to grow, video marketing is the most cost-effective tool to reach a large audience. Utilizing this powerful media is a surefire way to grow your brand and position yourself as a savvy agent in your local market.

About the Author: Andy Lassiter, owner of Keen Eye MarketingKeen Eye Marketing, writes for eBay in his spare time as a photography and videography business expert. He encourages agents to leverage their smartphones (upgrading their deviceupgrading their device if necessary) to manage social media efforts on the go.

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