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So Happy Together: Google+ and QR Codes

July 14 2011

Erik Goldhar QR CodeThe beautiful thing about Google+ is that it is web based using HTML5. Because of this Circles, Hangouts, Profiles, etc all have dedicated URLs.

So how could you use Google+ and QR Codes to make the mobile experience better and easier to access for individuals and brands alike? are some ideas and please add you own:

1a. Direct link to join a specific circle someone has set up. This would allow an individual the ability to generate a number of QR Codes and distribute them to the appropriate audience

1b. Businesses could use this same idea to automatically add people to a specific circle i.e. location related or product of interest related

2. Direct link to join a hangout. An individual or brand could schedule a hangout and distribute a direct link to it via a QR Code

3. Direct link to a Spark. Content changes but URL stays the same

4. Contest and Promotions. Google+ allows you to create a field or a post for a specific circle. As new circle members are added this "special message" viewable to them but not anyone else. Tie this into 1b and you have a pretty amazing tool.

5. Exclusive content. Same as #4 but use it for content.

6. Photo feeds. One QR Code will directly link people to your real-time photo feed or to a specific gallery or picture.

7. Direct link to people of interest. Do a search for a topic in the "find people" field and create a QR Code out of the URL. Content will change URL will stay the same.

8. Direct Link to a list of Nearby Circles - see my example QR Code in the post.

These are just a few ideas i've noted after spending less than 24 hours on G+.

I would love to hear your ideas please share them with me on Google+