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What Makes You a Proactive REALTOR®?

July 12 2011




If you’re turning home buyers and sellers away due to the massive influx knocking at your door, congratulations on all of your success. You’re getting more than enough business, so just sit back and enjoy your revenue stream. However, when you wake from this wonderful dream, it’s time to come back to reality and be the most proactive REALTOR®REALTOR® you can be. 

Why be proactive?

In a highly competitive market, you must be proactive to make those deals happen.  If you’re waiting for leads to generate themselves, you might as well wait for your realty company to go bankrupt. While, you may pick up a few sales from referrals here and there, don’t expect to make much when the competition is doing everything possible to survive.

When you’re proactive, you do what it takes to connect with potential clients and make sales. You move forward with an open, positive mind ready to adapt to any situation at hand. If it sounds like survival of the fittest, it is.

Being proactive is being adaptable

With the advantages posed by technology, REALTORS® can increase efficacy, bypassing the “choke points” in traditional real estate.  With technology solutions that facilitate interactive transactionsinteractive transactions, the man hours previously spent on paperwork and meetings can be used more effectively –prospecting leads, more one-on-one communication with current clients etc.

Therefore, keeping up with new technologies, real estate softwarereal estate software and updated sales techniques is imperative to staying relevant. REALTORS® have virtually anything they could need at their fingertips, providing new opportunities to be more proactive than ever before.

Competitive times or not, proactive REALTORS® are the ones who makes more deals. Clients appreciate a REALTOR’S® fortitude as it directly reflects the time and effort they put into every transaction.

What makes you a proactive REALTOR®?