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22 of the Absolute Best Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

June 12 2016

giftFor some people, buying gifts seems to come easily. But for many of us well intentioned gift-givers, it's a challenge to find the best, most thoughtful item to mark a special occasion.

As a REALTORĀ®, you often have opportunities to give gifts to your clients who have purchased their new home. It's a lovely way to thank them for their business, remain memorable, and hopefully secure more repeat and referral business from them!

If you're challenged in the creative gift-giving department, we're here to help you with a list of the best real estate closing gift ideas.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing a gift for your real estate client.

  1. What has your client revealed about themselves? Over the time you've been working together, did your client mention that they are a vegetarian? Don't drink alcohol? A gift card to a steak house or a bottle of wine would not be the best fit! Keep notes in your real estate CRM about your client's likes and dislikes so you can refresh your memory when it's time to give them a gift!
  2. It's not all about you. Sure, it's always wise to include your name, logo and contact information on items when you can. But try not to make yourself the focus of the gift. A mug emblazoned with your headshot is likely to end up in the attic. Make your branding choices tasteful and let the gift shine for itself!
  3. Give your gift in person whenever possible. It can even be several weeks after the closing of the home when your client is more settled in their new place. By presenting your happy client with a gift in person, you're strengthening your relationship with them. It's also a terrific time to gently mention you'd appreciate any referral business they can offer!

Remember that the best gifts are from the heart. Not every one of these suggestions will suit every client you have. Now, here are the top picks for the best real estate closing gift ideas:

Magazine Subscription

ixact closing gifts 01

Commissioned New Home Art

ixact closing gifts 02

Personalized "Just Moved" Cards

ixact closing gifts 03

Sponsor the Catering for a Housewarming Party

ixact closing gifts 04

Monogrammed Napkins

ixact closing gifts 05

Tickets to a Local Attraction

ixact closing gifts 06

3 Hours with a Professional Organizer or House Keeping Services

ixact closing gifts 07

Spa Gift Certificate

ixact closing gifts 08

Key Organizer and Multi-Tool

ixact closing gifts 09

Personalized Address Labels

ixact closing gifts 10


ixact closing gifts 11

Costco Membership

ixact closing gifts 12

Take Your Client Out for Lunch

ixact closing gifts 13

Personalized Pillow

ixact closing gifts 14

Moving Day Survival Kit

ixact closing gifts 15

A Tree to Plant in the Yard

ixact closing gifts 16

A Board Game Set

ixact closing gifts 17

Have Balloons Sent for the Kids Rooms

ixact closing gifts 18

A Set of Spices/Seasoning for the Kitchen

ixact closing gifts 19

Reproduction of an Old Town Map

ixact closing gifts 20

Sodastream Soda Maker

ixact closing gifts 21


Have a locksmith re-key the house

ixact closing gifts 22

If you choose to give a closing gift to your real estate client, that's not where your relationship ends! The best gift you can offer your client is your expert service and ongoing relationship.

Keep in touch regularly with your monthly e-Newsletter and offer them well wishes on their birthday or home move-in anniversary.

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