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Quiz: What's Your Social Media IQ?

June 05 2016

question lady blue

Do you know what real estate topic consistently gets the most clicks, comments, likes and shares on social media? How about which status update "trick" generates the most engagement on Facebook?

Full disclosure: We consider ourselves social media savvy, but we didn't know the answers either! We tested our knowledge (and lack thereof) in a new interactive quiz, Ready to Test Your Social Media IQ?, and learned more than a few surprising facts.

The quiz is based on insight gleaned from more than 3 million social media updates posted on behalf of over 10,000 Realtors by social media management company, CityBlastCityBlast. As you can imagine, monitoring the engagement metrics of that many posts results in a pretty deep understanding of what works on social media and what doesn't.

We learned answers to questions we never would have even thought to ask, like which color performs best in an image post. We figured our readers would enjoy these same insights, so we've teamed up with CityBlast to offer RE Technology readers a special version of this quiz... and a special offer to go along with it!

Are you ready to see how your social media knowledge measures up? Take the quiz today!

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