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Would You Trust Me to Show Property to Your Clients?

June 05 2016

tomato canned content stinksHopefully the answer is "no."

I am a web developer, not a licensed real estate agent. I don't know very much about the nuances and laws of conducting business as a REALTOR®. I've never been to your community. I've never helped anyone buy or sell a home. I've never had the responsibility of skillfully helping someone make the most important financial decision in their lives.

Showing property is one of the best opportunities to connect with the client, and show them that you understand their needs, and are willing to put in the work necessary to get them into the best option available. You use the time together to build trust and cement the business relationship. This is certainly no time to hand the responsibility over to the ignorant.

Then why trust someone else to blog for you?

Blogging works because it is your opportunity to impress your audience with your savvy. You post blog articles to build the confidence in your potential clients so they'll want to work with you. Don't hand this responsibility over to someone you can't trust to showcase your value.

Content For Content's Sake

You are not doing yourself any favors to have someone else publish real estatey articles to your website. Provided content is at best common knowledge, it's commonly irrelevant, and usually it's just canned text published on hundreds of sites.

The argument used with "content for content's sake" is that it is good for SEO value: "It helps my site get found." There are two things wrong with this argument. The first is that canned content will have you suffer from a duplicate content effect (the content is ignored because Google has seen it already elsewhere). And the second is that if someone does make it to your site because of the canned content, the impression you give them is that you don't care enough to educate them with your own advice tailored to their needs.

But It's Too Much Work to Blog

  1. Then don't – it's not for you.
  2. If you are going to do it, do it properly or shortcut your way to failure.

Blogging really isn't that hard. It's the commitment to doing it regularly that is the challenge.

The following are the pep-talk you need to make blogging easy, and effective:

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