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Seven Reasons Why Using Videos to Market Listings Is a Good Idea

June 02 2016

vscreen 7 Reasons Why Using Videos to Market Listings is a good idea

The use of video has arguably become the most important marketing tool for real estate agents today. Thanks to video, it has never been easier or quicker to market listings. At the same time, consumers are increasingly relying on video as they begin their home search.

Home sellers list with agents who use video

It's natural to think of home buyers as the ones depending on video listings, but it was discovered recently that 73 percent of all home sellers are more likely to list with an agent who uses video. They understand that buyers are more likely to find and take interest in their home through a video listing than they are through simple text or photos.

Listings with videos are easier to find out Google

In addition to attracting more sellers, marketing homes using video will gain more exposure for listings. A video listing is 53 times more likely to generate a first-page Google ranking than text or photos.

Buyers click visit websites with videos more often

Home shoppers are also 41 percent more likely to click through to your website for a video listing.

Listing videos hold viewers attention for longer

But wait, there's more: they're also likely to stay on your site six times longer! Video content holds the viewer's attentionviewer's attention more effectively than text.

Listing videos increase reputability

Your listing videos also build rapport with potential clients. People are more likely to trust and like you if they've seen you in person... even if it's on video. Additionally, viewers are more prone to believe what they see in video, as opposed to photos and text.

Videos gain more exposure, faster

Today's technology makes video marketing faster. In fact, in many cases you can post a video listing more quickly than a traditional text and photo listing. The sooner you can get exposure for the home you're listing, the more likely it is to sell more quickly.

Listing videos help buyers connect with the home

An effective listing video helps the prospective buyer experience the home by involving more of the senses. There's an emotional connection that's made more easily through video than simply reading about the home or even viewing photos.

There are many advantages to marketing your listings by using video, and it's never been easier. If you're not already utilizing video on your website, it's worth the effort!

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