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Find an Agent: The Open House Opportunity

July 08 2011

It would make sense that homebuyers begin their real estate search with the listing itself, regardless of who’s listing it. But in the hunt to find a new home, some buyers want to join forces with an agent first; someone they can trust, identify with, communicate with, etc. Then again, how does one get a feel for a real estate agent before even meeting them? Of course, you can easily check real estate agent reviews and peek at their Facebook pages, but even then you might need a few more points of view to make that decision.

There are several solid ways of finding the best agent for your home search, e.g. referrals, local papers, yard signs, but the open house can actually be ideal for people who want a zero-commitment way of meeting agents, getting a feel for their personality and making that connection. Even if the house itself is not one you’re necessarily in the market for, pop in on a Saturday and ask about the home, the neighborhood, and see if this agent would make a good fit.

For the real estate agent, lots of business comes from referrals and connections, and the same can be said of the homebuyer. The ideal home and the ideal agent could be right around the corner. You just need to drop in and say hello.