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How to Build a Successful Call-to-Action

May 18 2016

lwolf how to build a successful cta

Leads are your lifeline. To grow a business, we plan and implement many strategies or campaigns to generate these leads. So it's important that your leads are able to contact you at the end of each campaign. You need to make it easy for them, and you do that through call to action (CTA) buttons. In marketing, a CTA is generally an instruction to the audience to provoke an immediate response.

There are different uses of CTA. Here are some effective places where you can use them.

CTA for Lead Generation

You could use this CTA on landing pages or a website. The purpose of this button is to drive your interested clients into the lead funnel. Use CTA such as "Download now" or "Learn more" to attract visitors and turn them into leads.

CTA for Social Sharing

Social buttons for Twitter and Facebook are effective ways for visitors to be involved with your company. Place strategic CTAs on your landing pages and blog posts so readers can share the content with their friends.

CTA for Sale

Closing a sale is easier with a CTA button. If your landing page or website has given your audience great content and has convinced them to buy, then CTAs such as "Buy now" or "Contact sales" help in closing the sale.

Promote an Event

If you have an event to promote, you could add "Register now" button as CTA. This helps your audience register or RSVP to the event without hassle.

Test Test Test

Test a variety of CTAs before you choose one. It's always good to try different strategies and CTA buttons to know what works best for your audience. The audience might be looking for more information or convinced enough to buy! So, TEST TEST TEST your CTA before choosing the right one for your audience.

The CTA should be your final instruction to your reader. So plan carefully where you want to direct your audience. It is important to plan and execute your call to action. Here are some simple steps to keep in mind when it comes to designing a fool proof and effective CTA:


It's important to revisit your end goal before you set the CTA. You need to decide if you want the person to:

  1. Visit your website
  2. Click on a video link
  3. Fill out a form

Tell them what to do

Be Direct: You have led your visitors to your webpage with a goal in mind. Let your visitors know exactly what you do. Be clear with your message: "Download" or "View" or "Contact."


Keep your message short and clean. Have a small write-up of less than 150 characters before the actual button.

Give it Prominent Placement and color

Place the CTA button strategically so that it's prominent and cannot be missed. The fastest way to grab someone's attention is by making your CTA stand out from the rest of the page and making it dominant. Contrast your button from the background.

Creating effective CTAs isn't always easy, but calls to action are essential for converting visitors to leads.

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