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4 Ways You’ll Fail Your Real Estate CRM

May 13 2016

ixact fail crmSo many agents recognize the value of a good real estate CRM but openly admit that they aren't using one effectively. Some agents aren't using one at all!

You've heard it before: the best real estate CRM is the one that you use. Find the system that offers the features that are most important to you and watch your business flourish.

Maybe you've tried several different solutions and haven't found one that works for you. Or maybe you currently subscribe to a real estate CRM and feel guilty for not making the most of it.

Here are the four main ways that real estate agents fail their CRM systems and prevent them from working well. And, most importantly, I'll outline some solutions so your real estate CRM will work for YOU, rather than you working for it!

1. You're not getting started

It's a story I hear often. An agent understands they need a real estate CRM to stay organized, so they research options and choose a solution... and then they never log in!

Even the best CRM in the world can't work unless you give it a chance. Some real estate agents feel intimidated by starting a new system. But once you get started, you'll be amazed by how easy the startup process is, and how much time you save!

Success step: Choose a real estate CRM that offers unlimited customer support with an emphasis on helping you get set up.  Even tech-savvy Realtors appreciate a hand in getting started. There are some key support items that your CRM team should offer you. When you're researching for a CRM, ask these questions:

  • How do I add my contacts into the CRM?
  • Is support available both over the phone and via email?
  • Are tutorial videos available to help me learn specific features?
  • Who will assist me with setting up automated lead nurture, drip marketing campaigns, my monthly e-Newsletter and any other features I am interested in?

2. You aren't going mobile

The second way you might be failing your real estate CRM is by resisting the mobile transition. Since Realtors are so often on the road, it's crucial for you to be connected to your contacts at all times. If you aren't using a CRM mobile app, you may not be staying as organized as you could be.

When you try to catch up on tasks later in the day at your laptop, it's possible that you're forgetting tasks, allowing quality leads to fall through the cracks.

Success step: Once you've chosen a real estate CRM and opened an account, download the CRM app or mobile version and start exploring.

For many of us, our mobile phone is practically an extension of our arm. With your CRM app installed, you'll be able to stay on top of tasks quickly and conveniently. Embrace the freedom and flexibility that comes with your real estate CRM app!

3. You aren't nurturing your leads

It's relatively easy to keep in touch with your contacts when most of them are close friends and family members. But as your contact list begins to grow, it becomes more challenging to regularly communicate with your prospects and leads.

Leveraging the power of email lead nurturing is one of the first steps to success. It helps your leads and past clients remember your name and how to contact you. So when they are ready to move, they know who to call.

Some Realtors neglect to set up drip nurture campaigns simply because they assume it's a complicated process. The truth is that it's both easy and effective.

Success step: If you are still shopping around for a real estate CRM, choose one that includes pre-written, real estate specific lead nurture emails that you can easily use. Some robust CRM systems will even include many different plans depending on the lead you are nurturing. These plans could include campaigns for buyers, sellers, renters, FSBOs, and hot leads.

If you're already using a real estate CRM and not yet nurturing your leads by email, contact the customer support department and ask them to help you get started.

4. You aren't using an integrated solution

One of the challenges of our time is finding a way to remember the seemingly hundreds of passwords for all our online accounts. Maybe you have an account for a CRM, a separate program for email marketing, and yet another subscription for your real estate website. That's a lot of different invoices each month and a lot of different passwords!

Success step: Choose an integrated solution that includes your real estate CRM, email marketing AND your Realtor website all in one. This will streamline your workflow and invoices, and the same support team can assist with all your different questions!

Key takeaway

If you don't feel like you're making the most of your real estate CRM, you may be failing the system in one of these key ways. Take advantage of your support team to help you get started, make sure you go mobile, nurture your leads effectively and use an integrated solution.

To view the original article, visit the IXACT Contact blog.