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What Video Watch Rate Means for Your Marketing

May 11 2016

vscreen What video watch rate means for your marketing

It's all well and good to have video on your website. But if your visitors don't watch them, or bail half-way through, chances are they won't be contacting you. That's why video watch rate is important.

Just as you measure the number of website visitors, its important to pay attention to how many and how much of your videos are being watched. If viewers are bailing halfway through your listing and community videos, it's a safe bet they're not going to follow up by contacting you to see that hot property you just listed. By the same token, if the watch rate is a high percentage, your branding and message are pretty closely targeting your intended audience.

A high video watch rate is also key to creating a memorable impression on your audience.

TubeMogul, an enterprise software platform for digital branding, studied the correlation between video watch rate and brand impact. It found that of viewers who watched an entire ad, 20 percent remembered the brand message. Of those who watched only a portion of the ad, just over 8 percent remembered the message.

General brand awareness was also enhanced when viewers completed the whole video. TubeMogul's study revealed a 6.9 percent increase in brand awareness on the part of those who viewed the entire ad, and only 3.5 percent for those who only viewed part of it.

Using video watch rate as one of the metrics to evaluate your online presence can pay dividends. It can help you determine if there's a common point in your videos where most viewers have had enough. Find the common factors and decide how you can keep your viewers dialed in.

Also, consider how you title your videos. Does it make your viewer want to click and watch it through to the endclick and watch it through to the end? An enticing thumbnail image can help get their attention, as well.

Do your best to keep them interested and engaged.

Once they've begun watching your video, you have ten, maybe 15 seconds to keep them from going back to their Solitaire game.

Keep the viewer engaged by minimizing the amount of content they have to sift through to find what they're interested in. If you're making a high-end buyer sift through $50k home listings to find the $500k dollar homes, they could lose interest before they get there.

If you monitor the watch rates on your videos and use them to stay relevant to your audience, you'll find more of your website's visitors following through and becoming your clients.

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