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Givers Gain! 3 Ways to Become the Thought Leader in Your Real Estate Farm Area

May 05 2016

la givers gain 1There is a saying that states "Givers Gain." The saying is very true. If you offer someone something of value with absolutely no expectation of anything in return, that good deed will come back to you.

Some may say it's karma that finds its way to you. Other times, it may just be that the person you helped is appreciative of what you have done, and somehow, some way, they are going to find a way to pay you back for your good deed.

I like this saying. In fact, if you extrapolate this saying, it very closely resembles the tenets of inbound marketing and real estate farming. Today, I'd like to share with you three thoughts on how you can use the "Givers Gain" philosophy to become the go-to thought leader in your real estate farm area. First, let's start with a very brief primer on what inbound marketing is and how it can apply to a real estate farming campaign.

What Is Inbound Marketing and How Does It Apply to My Farming?

One of the foundations of inbound marketing that speaks to successful farming is the concept of establishing yourself as a thought leader in your marketplace. How do you do this, you ask? You do it by transcending the boring, "Let me sell your home," "I'm in the top 1 percent of agents in my office," or "Let me give you a market analysis of your home" type marketing pieces. Instead, you educate people in your farm area. Give them timely, pertinent information that will arm them with more knowledge than they had before they came across your piece. MOST importantly, do it without any expectation of getting anything in return.

The "no expectation" part of the scenario is one that we sometimes see Realtors get hung up on. Do I mean leave off the call to action? No! You should always have a call to action. The trick to this is offering some sort of value added information or services to homeowners in your marketplace without making them do anything that would be considered a high barrier to entry. Many times, they will be so appreciative of this that when they get to the call to action, they will more than likely act on it, thus giving you a qualified lead and opening a conversation you can have to begin nurturing the homeowner into one day hopefully becoming a client.

Okay, I Get It. Now How Do I Use this Methodology to Win Over My Farm Area?

When it comes to real estate farming, while I subscribe to the inbound marketing methodology as the best practice in getting things on the right track, I think there are some additional things you need to do as well to solidify yourself in your farm area as a thought leader. Here are three simple ideas to get you started:

1) Give Them Help with Their Home

If you examine the personas of the people in your farm area, you'll see some trends and similarities with where these people are in their lives, what interests them, and what challenges they may be facing. Some of these things will directly relate to their home itself.

One very successful campaign we've done for Realtors that pinpoint this need in their farm area is a campaign that extends their arsenal of contractors, vendors and helpers and makes it available to homeowners in their farm area. It could be something as simple as, "Is there a referral you need to any service provider that I may be able to assist with?" I've even see some agents successfully offer to come to the homeowner's home, speak with them about what their plans and goals are, and suggest what would be the best course of action to ensure the project they take on is raising the value of their home.

Home improvements and choosing the right vendors can be overwhelming. You have the tools available to help them. This is a great way to endear yourself to homeowners in your farm area.

2) Offer Assistance with Community Wide Events

One other great way is to get involved with a community event. If there is not a community event available to get involved with, you can create one. In the past, we've done marketing projects for Realtors that range from organizing community wide garage sales, pumpkin carving contests, Little League sponsorships or events, and many more.

The key takeaway here is that homeowners will want to work with and take care of people that take pride in and participate in their community. Offering your time, sponsorship or expertise in this realm will speak volumes to your dedication to the community you serve, and the homeowners who live there.

3) Offer Assistance with Navigating the Real Estate Market

This is perhaps the trickiest one of these three examples. On one hand, it's an obvious choice. The real estate market can be tricky to time or analyze. Offering homeowners information and education about what is going on in the market is some of the most valuable information you can offer. Given correctly, this information will catapult you as the thought leader in your marketplace. The trick, though, is actually giving it correctly.

The very best way to give this information correctly is to do exactly that. GIVE IT. Don't dangle carrots and use market data as your call to action, forcing homeowners to call you to get information. Instead, send out marketing pieces that clearly and specifically speak to market conditions, what those conditions mean, and where you see the market going in the future. Market data is one of the most sought after types of content by homeowners. If you freely give this information to them, they are going to absorb it. When they absorb it, if it is easy to follow and broken down in terms the "every person" can understand, they will begin thinking of you as the thought leader in your farm area.

Even more, your easy to understand information might get them thinking about questions they have specific to their needs and circumstances. At that time, they certainly will reach out to you, beginning a dialogue and hopefully one day turning into a client.

While you obviously won't capture every single homeowner in your farm area, by being a giver, you certainly will make your mark and separate yourself from the crowd. Undoubtedly, by making your mark in this fashion in your farm area, you will reap the rewards and get the success that you so richly deserve.

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