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3,2,1 Action! Facebook Live is HERE and It Is a Total Game Changer!

May 05 2016

hdc fb live 1

Facebook Live allows users to do exactly what its name implies–stream live content to your friends or fans on any topic! Facebook Live is built into the area where you normally go to publish a status update. You also have the option to either broadcast from your personal profile or your verified Facebook Business Page. This feature only works on the Facebook mobile app and is available to both Apple and Android users.

No need to worry about professional set-up, lighting, and cameras. This production is meant to be raw, real, and telling it like it is! Just be sure you plan a main theme or focus for your broadcast so it doesn't turn into random ramblings.

How it Works

Ready to dive in? Here's how the process works–it's easier than you think!

Step 1:

Create a status. Once you're able to start typing, select the icon on the far right resembling a silhouette with two halos around it.

hdc fb live 2

Step 2:

Create a catchy title for your video. You want your audience to watch your live broadcast; make it something you would want to see! Use attractive words like "exclusive," "preview," or "first look" to get your audience engaged, or at least curious about what you're offering.

hdc fb live 3

If you're not quite ready to go live and need a few practice runs (or need to find your best selfie angle–I know I'm guilty), tap the "friends" section once you're done creating your title. Once here, you can choose to broadcast to yourself and only you will be able to see this video.

hdc fb live 4

Step 3:

Congratulations! Now you're L-I-V-E and ready to broadcast the most pertinent information! My personal advice is to talk for at least 5 minutes so your audience and followers have a chance to tune in and ask questions. Remember to stay relevant to your topic!

Why It Works?

By now you're most likely thinking, "Okay, this is cool, but will it REALLY make a difference in my social strategy?" The answer, plain and simple, is YES! When you use Facebook Live, Facebook rewards you by having your live video content naturally rank higher in the news feed. What does that mean? When a potential lead opens up Facebook, your video is one of the first things that person sees when you are broadcasting live (that's the kicker).

Viewers will spend 3x more time watching a live video as compared to a recorded video. There is something exciting about being on-air as opposed to something that is staged to perfection. Your viewers get to know the real you, and that's something magical. Now is also a good time to brush up on your optimal posting time so when you're broadcasting, you know you're hitting as many audience members as possible!

Great Topics

I hope I've done my part in this and have you pumped up and ready to start going live! But what about great topics for real estate professionals? Check out this short list, and don't forget to tune in to my YouTube Channel to hear me talk about some of these more in depth.

  • Walk-through of a new listing
    • Don't forget to spend some time on the beautiful features the home/property has to offer!
  • Weekly wrap-up of your business
    • Closings, open houses, etc
  • Mock talk show highlighting local events for the weekend
  • Let audience members know when you're going live and host a Q&A hour discussing the current real estate market
  • Reviews of your experiences at local businesses to build local credibility.

That's it for this month, folks! I hope you're ready to start experimenting with this incredibly powerful tool and ready to transform your social media presence. Gone are the days of ho-hum content and boring videos; Facebook Live is set is usher in a new era of exciting video broadcasting that will continue to change the way we participate in social media. The only question that's left is: Are you going to get on this trend or let it pass you by?

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