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Show Some Local Love: 5 Ways to Be the Local Expert

April 28 2016

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You've probably heard the maxim, "Be the local expert," but how do you do that? If you genuinely love your area, you're already ahead of your competition. Let your passion about the parks, schools, and local events show! Here are five ways to share your passion and grow your reputation as the local expert.


Getting involved is a great way to show how passionate you are about your area. Think about ways you can improve your community. Consider starting up a neighborhood food drive, concert, or scout troop. Figure out what would get you even more passionate about your area, and make it happen. If you love your area, others will too, and they'll love you for your contribution.


It takes more than a few paragraphs outlining the location and history of your city to be viewed as a local expert. You need specific, interesting, useful information about the areas you cover. Consider adding information about great places to eat, things to do, median sales information, quotes about the area from local residents, and an explanation of what makes your area great.


Figure out which businesses in your areas have the best reputations so you can recommend plumbers, electricians, delivery, and other services to your clients as needed. Coordinate with those businesses to get a special discount or coupon for people who are referred by you. You can also consider compiling a directory for your area with your branding and contact information at the bottom of each page. Add a link to your directory on your website and find some local businesses to let you leave a stack for their customers.


Do you have a mailing list? Add some local highlights to your postcards and flyers before you send them out to add value. Let your contacts know when the next festival, fair, or parade is going to be. Share relevant community news and statistics. Remind them that last month was really dry and they may want to consider turning on sprinklers if they want their grass to stay extra green.


Show some local love and be the local expert by tying together all the things you do in person, marketing, networking, and on your website. Share local events, vendors, sports games, volunteer opportunities, and news clips on your social pages. Post video reviews of different businesses you've tried. If you have a particular niche, share information about niche specific events and lifestyle.

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