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The AMP Value Proposition for Agents and Brokers

April 27 2016

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In part one of this seriespart one of this series, we defined the AMP™ system, detailed what AMP is designed to do and, more importantly, what AMP is not designed to do. Here we will discuss how AMP will benefit agents and brokers—the most frequent users of the MLS.

How AMP Benefits Agents

  • With AMP, agents have greater choice in picking from a gallery of applications that were previously not available or integrated within their MLS systems. Agents can even mix and match tools from different vendors to suit their needs and work styles. And by lowering the barriers to entry for new developers, we expect many more applications and tools to be brought to market.

  • With AMP, agents will no longer pay for services they don't use. They will choose which applications they want to use and pay only for those chosen.

  • Because AMP is the centralized database through which all applications connect and in which all data is stored, an agent's data stays in sync as they work across different applications.

  • Agents will find entering and updating listings to be easier and more streamlined. A parcel-centric database—where each physical property has only one record and most of the physical elements of the property seldom change—speeds listing creation while eliminating duplicate entry or "refreshed" listings.

How AMP Benefits Brokers

  • "Standardized" technology that all agents must use will no longer be "standard." The growing catalog of available applications will ensure that individual choice will prevail over market-wide site licenses that have been common in the past.

  • Brokers receive a single data feed from multiple, participating MLSs in a standardized format, delivered via industry-standard protocols.

  • Brokers with already developed infrastructures can embed any search client or other widget or plug-in directly into their company's intranet. That intranet landing page becomes the agent's workstation (whether in the office or on the road on any portable device), complete with broker brand reinforcement.

  • Broker branded agent workstations can maintain listings directly in the MLS database through an embedded maintenance page or widget.

  • Any brokerage that wants to build its own applications can do so. If a brokerage operates across multiple markets, those broker applications will work the same in all markets that use AMP™.

  • Last but certainly not least in importance, brokers will be able to control what applications and services the MLS can offer to licensees in their firms. If a broker has a brand-differentiating technology that the broker offers only to agents in that firm, the broker will be able to block the MLS from offering a competing application to that broker's agents.

Next Steps...

In part three of our series, we will examine the benefits MLSs and associations can expect to receive from AMP.

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