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Is Your Online Security Up to Par?

July 06 2011




security computer Maintaining our security online is of the utmost importance these days.  With a recent wave of cyber attacks that have targeted larger networks (and succeeded), people are reevaluating their online habits and the information they release. 

In an effort to beef up your online security, these are a few simple tips.


1) Turn off file sharing

File sharing between networks makes it easy for users to pass along information instantaneously.  However, without a secure network connection, file sharing can open your system up to hackers, spammers and viruses. Therefore, when accessing the Internet through a public wi-fi connection, file sharing should never be on.

Consult your operating system’s manual for the necessary steps to disable this function.

2) Don’t access sensitive data on public wi-fi

As mentioned earlier, public wi-fi should never be used when accessing sensitive information due to a lack in security.  Therefore any banking, investments or otherwise sensitive data should only be accessed through a safe, password-protected connection.

3) Utilize your operating system’s encryption software

Mac OS FileVaultFileVault® or Windows BitLockerBitLocker® are advanced encryption systems, requiring a master password to access any information on a laptop, tablet or desktop.  Enabling such protection is designed to shield users from online and offline attacks.

We use the Internet for everything these days.  From online banking to purchasing or selling a homepurchasing or selling a home, our connectivity enables us to get more done in less time.  However, taking the proper precautions is necessary in protecting one’s sensitive data.

What steps are you taking to protect yourself?