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Choosing a Social Media Solution for Real Estate

April 22 2016

social media fb twitterWhen it comes to real estate solutions, "social media" is a broad term. One service may entirely manage an agent or broker's social media for them, while another may only assist in creating content that real estate professionals can share on their own terms.

Rather than trying to pin down one definition for social media real estate solutions, let's take a look at three different types of solutions that are available today.

Facebook Plug-ins

This type of social media solution enhances your existing Facebook business page by adding new functionality. This is usually accomplished by adding a new tab to your page that displays information or data.

Immobel, for example, adds an IDX property search tab to your business page so that consumers can look for homes right from your Facebook profile! Talk about online stickiness! Immobel is also an excellent choice for those agents or brokers who do a lot of international sales. Their IDX search tab is multilingual and can be translated into just about any major language in the world.

Nest4Less is another example of a solution that relies on Facebook tabs. This free plug-in adds a home services directory to a tab on your business page. The directory is full of contractors, plumbers, lenders, and other housing professionals. The idea is to help homeowners view your Facebook page as a resource that they can consult whenever they need to find a trusted, local professional.

Social Media Management

This is the most hands-off version of social media services. Typically, these solutions handle all curating and posting of content to your social media accounts. CityBlast is a good example of this. The company acts as an agent's personal social media manager and shares posts designed to engage real estate consumers to their Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts. CityBlast customers choose how many times they want the company to post for them per week, and on what topics.

Who is this right for? Fully managed social media services are ideal for the agent or broker who doesn't have the time to grow their own online social profiles, but who still recognizes the lead generation potential of social networking.

However, this option isn't 100 percent hands-off. Though someone may be posting for you on your behalf, the real estate professional still needs to respond promptly to any comments or questions the posts generate. Think of social management as a tool that warms up leads; it's up to the agent or broker to move those relationships offline and convert them to a sale.

Social Content Creation

Not willing to give up control of your social accounts? This type of solution may be more your speed. They simply create branded content--often as part of an automated marketing suite--and leave it up to you to share how (of if) you'd like.

ImprevImprev is a good example of this. Their Marketing Center automatically generates digital and print marketing materials like flyers, brochures, postcards, virtual tours, YouTube videos, etc. from listing data. It also acts as a distribution platform that lets agents publish content directly to their social media accounts, among other places. This tool is already be available to you if you're a Keller Williams or Coldwell Banker agent. If you're not, check with your broker to see if this solution is available to you.

But Wait, There's More!

While that's just a dip of the toe into a vast ocean of available solutions, we hope this clarified some things for you.

If you're looking for more advice on choosing a solution, our 2016 Technology Guide is on the way to help. Each edition of this annual guide is designed to assist agents, brokers, and MLSs in technology selection and in educating them about the available tools available.

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