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Getting Started with Video for Real Estate in 3 Steps

April 19 2016

vscreen Getting Started with Video for Real Estate in 3 Steps

So, you've been hearing (or in this case, probably seeing) the buzz about incorporating video into your real estate marketing efforts? Let me be the first to congratulate you, and calm your fears. It's really not rocket science!

Community videos are the most popular

For starters, decide which videos to utilize on your website. There are different types you can use, the most popular being community videos. A survey conducted by Google and the National Association of Realtors found this is the most-viewed type of video. Eighty-six percent of online home shoppers access these videos as they seek information on the community they're looking to move to. The good news is this type of video, once produced, has a longer shelf life and won't need to be re-produced as often as individual property videos.

Listing videos and home tour videos

The second most popular video, sought out by 70 percent of prospective home buyers, is the in-home tour. This gives the shopper an opportunity to do a virtual walkthrough without first having to contact an agent and schedule an in-person tour. A well-produced video home tour can help the homebuyer develop an emotional attachment to the house. It makes sense to incorporate video walkthroughs of as many of your listings as possible, in addition to having community videos available.

The NAR/Google study found that 54 percent of prospective homebuyers watched online video to gain general information, such as market conditions, and 44 percent used video to compare and contrast real estate companies.

Once you've determined the types of videos you want to include on your website, it's time to hire a videographer. That usually boils down to you...or a professional. Not to disparage your camera skills, but there's an obvious difference between the DIY video and the pro video: professionally produced videos yield 30 percent better results.

Ask fellow agents or your broker for referrals if you go with a pro, and of course ask for a highlight reel so you can see their previous work. Generally, they charge by the hour, square feet of the home, or by the length of the finished product.

Covering the cost of production

Hiring a real estate video professional can get expensive, but you have some options for covering the costs. Often times the agent covers the cost, but in some cases the seller bears the cost through a marketing fee or as part of the agent's commission. In some cases, brokers make marketing packages available for agents.

If you decide to shoot your own video, a small investment is all that's required. Purchase a DSLR camera capable of shooting video. For best results, use a light and a lavalier mic if you plan to narrate your video. This equipment will give you better lighting, a steady and smooth picture as you pan across the room, and better sound.

Include a quality looking graphic at the open and close of each video, including your name and contact information so interested home buyers can reach you.
Whether you go pro or do it yourself, most agents agree that leveraging video results in more listings, helps sell homes faster, and attracts better quality leads.

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