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How Real Estate Agents Can Connect to Millennials

April 18 2016

oi connect millennials

I loved a recent letter from ReThinkReThink entitled: "An Open Letter from a Millennial to the Real Estate Industry." In it, the author breaks down what she is looking for from a real estate agent and the experience she expects from buying a new home. A lot can be learned from her point of view, not only from millennials, but from where consumer expectations are heading and how real estate must advance to keep up.

Some key takeaways:

When Using Social Media, Get Personal

According to NAR, 91% of real estate agents use social media91% of real estate agents use social media to some extent. If you are one of them, make sure you let your own personality shine. Social media is not the platform for selling, it's the platform for speaking to your tribe. Let your true colors come through. It will build trust and a deeper connection with your audience.

Build your process on convenience

In building your business, move towards making it convenient for your customer. In the day of Amazon, Uber and Fresh Direct – people expect their household products, ride, and groceries delivered to their door with a push of a button. Welcome to the era of convenience. Your business needs to keep up.

Make it Custom

Don't just send listings because they happen to be in an appropriate area or price range. Make the effort to understand your clients and send them listings based on their priorities. They will appreciate the fact that you send fewer, high quality properties. It not only shows that you respect their time, it shows you care.

Be the Expert

Not only in the area (that's a given) but in the process of purchasing a home.  You are a real estate sherpa. Show them the way.

Bottom line – put the customer first. Value their time, interests, and ultimate goal. Be authentic and treat them with respect and compassion. You follow those simple adages, and your business will grow.

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