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Internet Conversion Made Easy with 4 Simple Tricks

April 15 2016

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A lot of real estate agents have a distaste of internet leads. In fact, internet leads are so disliked that almost half of them never get called back after sending in their information. There are a lot of things you can do to boost your conversion rate and get better results from your leads. Chris Smith's nationally bestselling book, The Conversion CodeThe Conversion Code, takes lead conversion and lays out an easy-to-follow path to guide you through the conversion process. For a peek into what the book includes, watch Smith's recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar on "Advanced Lead ConversionAdvanced Lead Conversion" or check out the recap below.

1. Check your tone

Chris Smith calls it the "black lab mindset," while others may call it passion or enthusiasm. Regardless of what you call it, how you convey your message is critical for internet lead conversion. Fifty-five percent of human communication is conveyed through body language and only 7 percent is conveyed through words. The rest is based on tone. That means in a phone call situation, how you deliver your message is a lot more important than what you actually say. So, it's important that you greet every new lead with the same enthusiasm and passion shown by black labs.

2. Follow up fast

There's a lot of research proving how important it is to follow up with new leads quickly. The 100x rule further backs this up. According to the rule, if you call a lead within five minutes of its submission, you are 100x more likely to convert the lead than if you call after thirty minutes.

3. Double dial

If you call your lead in the first five minutes and don't get a response, try calling them back immediately. They may ignore one call from a number they don't know, but if you call them twice in a row, they may start to think the call is important and pick up. If you call twice in that first five minutes and don't get a response, send them a text letting them know you got their inquiry and ask if now is still a good time to talk.

4. Sixth time's the charm

If you follow the 100x rule and call every new lead in the first five minutes, you're still only going to reach about 48% of your leads. That's why tenacity is important. You should contact each of your leads six times to get the best chance of converting—93%. If you call each of your leads six times instead of once or twice, you can double your conversion rate, using the same leads!

For more details on how to convert more online leads, check out Chris Smith's recent Secrets of Top Selling Agents webinar on "Advanced Lead ConversionAdvanced Lead Conversion."

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