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What Is an End of Video Call-to-Action and Why Does It Matter?

April 12 2016

vs end of video call to action

Have you ever shopped for a product, online or in person, and after deciding it's what you want, find there's no way to purchase it? Most likely not. Especially if there's a commission involved, some salesperson will give you every opportunity to pull the trigger. Or the website will make it very easy to add the item to its online cart–or, at the very least, you'll be very clearly presented with the opportunity to chat with a friendly advisor who, you guessed it, will be glad to help you decide to buy the product.

These are calls-to-action. If you like this product, it suits your needs or wants, and the price is right, will you buy now? Or at least take the next step in the buying process? Or subscribe to my mailing list? Whatever it is you want the viewer to do, there has to be a call to action.

If they've just watched your home tour video, they're probably not ready to sign papers just yet, although that would be nice. It is important, however, to keep them engaged...and to make it as easy as possible for them to connect with you.

There are several ways to make a call-to-action. If you or a professional have narrated your videonarrated your video or appeared on-camera, include a vocal call-to-action. Ask the viewer verbally to take the next step, whether it's calling you directly, giving you their contact information, or directing them to your website.

Include a graphic at the end of your video

If there is no speaking in your video, include a graphic at the end giving them options to set up an in-person tour of the home, or to ask questions or get more information. Make it easy for them by providing buttons they can press to go to your website, email you or even call you directly.

Of course, there's a decent chance the video home tour they just watched might not be their cup of tea. If the only option you've given them is to call you about that house, they may leave and never come back.

If you want to gain a client (and who doesn't?), give them links to do an MLS search, or offer a free market analysis. Give them the chance to sign up to receive your monthly listing of homes available in their area of interest.

The call-to-action is your opportunity to stay in touch with the potential buyer. Whether it leads to an immediate sale or one down the road, it's your opportunity to build a relationship that could reap great rewards for both of you.

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