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Selling to Your Own Shape

April 12 2016

lwolf Selling to your own shape

Have you ever met up with a buyer, showed them a couple of houses and then never heard from them again? If you've been in the real estate business for any length of time, the answer is most likely yes. People like doing business with people that do business in the same way. For instance, if I like to get to know someone and want to make small talk, but the person I'm doing business with just wants to dive right in, I'm going to think that they don't care about me and I'll want to work with someone else. We feel the most comfortable with people like ourselves because we "get" each other.

I had an opportunity to hear motivational speaker Connie Podesta speak at a convention a few years ago and she talked about personalities based on shapes. We've all taken personality quizzes at some point, but no one is going to sit down with each consumer and give them a personality test. Connie simplified the process and grouped people together based on four shapes—square, triangle, circle and a squiggly line.

Being in a service industry where customer service is of the utmost priority, it's vital that agents are able to work with anyone no matter what "shape" they are. We need to be able to adapt and do business the way our clients do business. You're probably asking yourself, "How do I know what shape I am?" Let's do a little exercise.

Go ahead and take a sheet of paper and draw each of these four shapes. Now, select the shape that you feel best represents you; pick the one that "speaks" to you. Which group are you in? I'm a triangle. Now...what does that mean?


Squares do not like small talk. The day is wasting and you have business to do. Squares are most often described as structured, detailed, and stubborn. Most often they are left brained, dependable, love to be in charge and independent as well. If your buyer is a Square and they say that they want a $250,000 house, don't show them a $255,000 house. They will think that you aren't listening to them. Give them what they want. Squares generally prefer about three to four feet of personal space.


Triangles share some similar characteristics with Squares. They are both detailed, structured and want to get down to business. Triangles also tend not to have a filter, love to debate and are highly motivated and competitive. We also tend to think we are never wrong and possibly suffer from OCD.

If your buyer is a triangle, don't explain and talk the whole time. They can tell the difference between the kitchen and the bathroom; don't give them a guided tour. Most triangles will talk about themselves and want you to listen. They tend not to be very handy, so they generally don't want a house that needs TLC or renovations. They love to test you by asking questions to see if you know the answer. Triangles don't like follow-up, so don't constantly text, email or call them. They also prefer about three to four feet of personal space.


Circles are the party people. They are very social, happy, tend to be the peacemakers and story tellers. They are also prone to exaggerate and think they are responsible for other people's happiness.

If your buyer is a circle, they have no space issues; they prefer about 18 inches. They love small talk – a minimum of 12 minutes. They want to get to know you and form a relationship, so if you jump straight into business they are going to think you are pushy. They rarely know what they want so you have some leeway to be creative. They can't look at houses all day without a break. Be sure to keep some drinks or snacks in a cooler in your car, or plan for a couple of detours to pick something up.


Squiggles are creative. These are your idea people and they think outside the box. They don't like to be told what to do, are not very organized and get bored easily. If your buyer is a squiggle, they want you to walk through the house with them. And like circles, they have no space issues – they prefer about 18 inches.

Be sure to follow up and remind them about appointments because they will forget. They like humor. They love things that are out of the ordinary or are unique. They have no idea what they want; they may tell you that they want a certain town and a move-in ready house, but if the price is right, they would live anywhere and the house could need a complete renovation. They also like snacks, so pack some in your car or be prepared for a detour to pick something up.

So now you know what shape you are. The next step is figuring out what shape category your client falls into. You could have them draw out shapes and then have a discussion about what those shapes mean and it would work.

Another solution would be to ask your client or customer how they want the day to go. Would they prefer to jump right in and get down to business or would they prefer to go to Starbucks and grab a coffee and chat a while before getting down to business? This will help you narrow down if they are Squares and Triangles or Circles and Squiggles. The other details will fall into place as you spend more time together and hopefully by asking the question, you'll have a lot of time to get to know them over the sales process. Happy Selling!

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