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One Question that Can Generate More Seller Leads

April 06 2016

agent sign sold 2Compared to sellers, finding buyer leads is easy. Buyers are the ones searching online for properties; they're the leads that come in off the portals, and the ones whose behavior on your website signals that they're interested in purchasing a home.

But sellers are trickier to identify. Their online behavior doesn't often reveal their intentions, and that makes them harder to target with marketing.

To get past this obstacle, put yourself in the shoes of a homeowner who may be considering selling. What's mostly likely to be the biggest question on their mind? That's right--How much is my home worth?

One way for agents to generate more seller leads is to target people searching for home values online. To get started, all you need is a simple landing page with a contact form, and a CMA with which to generate reports.

Once the landing page is ready, you can share its link in multiple places like:

  • Social media - Feel free to tweet out, I would like to send you a personalized CMA for your home, but don't forget to add local hashtags. If you serve the Sacramento area, for example, you don't want people from Boston asking you for a home valuation. Use a tag like #Sacramento to discourage far-flung prospects.
  • Your email signature - Generate seller leads with every email you send out by adding a call-to-action that's linked to your landing page to your email signature.
  • Your email newsletter - Add a text link or even a graphic banner to your email newsletter that encourages readers to find out what their home is worth.
  • Blog posts - Did you just write an overview of your local market's performance last month? Add a call-to-action that reminds readers that they can see how their home stacks up by contacting you.
  • Your website - Add the link to your site's front page or sidebar to catch the attention of sellers. Neighborhood pages are a good place, too, but be sure to add the area's name to the call-to-action.
  • PPC ads - Whether you're using Google ads, Facebook ads or promoted posts on other social sites, offers for personalized home valuations make compelling ads.

A Note on Calls-to-Action

It should go without saying that you shouldn't just copy and paste the raw URL of your landing page everywhere. To be effective, your link needs to be dressed up in a call-to-action. Fortunately, these can be simple.

Find out what your home is worth by clicking here! is an easy enough CTA. However, consider getting more specific to better target potential sellers in your area, e.g. Find out what your Pismo Beach home is worth! This discourages people whose home is outside the area you serve from contacting you with a request you can't fulfill.

Your Landing Page: Don't Overthink It

Like we said earlier, your landing page doesn't have to be complex. In fact, the simpler the better. Take a look at this page, for example:

cloudcma techinar promo wmhw 1

It's uncluttered and lacking in unnecessary distractions. This keeps visitors focused and increases the likelihood of them submitting their contact information to you.

Learn More About Finding Seller Leads

The landing page above is from Cloud CMA. Their What's My Home Worth? lead generation landing pages are built to capture seller leads and instantly engage them by sending a personalized CMA report. No heavy lifting required!

To learn more best practices for winning listings, watch our webinar with Cloud CMA, "How to Use CMAs to Generate Seller Leads," in the video below: