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18 Real Estate Subs to Explore on Reddit

March 31 2016

reddit subredditsYesterday, we talked about how to find quality content to share on social media. Our article suggested subscribing to the RSS feeds of reputable blogs and online publications. That's perfectly respectable and tame advice. However, if you feel like venturing deeper into the wilds of the internet, there's another method to consider—exploring Reddit.

What is Reddit?

RedditReddit is a massive online public community where users can converse with each other on just about every topic under the sun—including real estate! The site is organized like a forum, and each area of interest has its own message board, or "subreddit." Users subscribe to the subreddits that interest them, and posts from each sub they follow are aggregated on a personalized home page. It's a great way to keep an ear to the ground for the latest buzz on the topics you care about most.

But like we said—Reddit is massive. The site is home to around 800,000 subreddits. It can be daunting (but often exhilarating) to find the ones you really like. Don't worry, though—we're not sending you into the Reddit jungle without a map. To help you get your bearings, we've rounded up 18 real estate related subreddits. You can follow them to find interesting content to share, or to find inspiration for future blog posts.

Foundation Subreddits

Want a solid base of real estate subreddits to start with? Try these five:

  • /r/Realtors - Connect and chat with your fellow agents here. A great place to get advice from your peers.
  • /r/realestate and /r/Real_Estate - These two subreddits are aimed towards consumers. Use them to understand what today's buyers and sellers are thinking, wondering, and worrying about. The questions consumers ask here are wonderful fodder for blog post ideas. Simply find a question you connect with and write an article that answers it.
  • /r/CommercialRealEstate and /r/realestateinvesting/ - If you specialize in working with investors or with commercial properties, try these two subs. You can leverage them in a way similar to the pair above. Both investors and real estate pros frequent these subreddits.

Money and Real Estate

During a real estate transaction, financing is a big part of the conversation. /r/Mortgages lets consumers crowdsource advice on acquiring loans. If you're looking for more technical and in-depth conversations, check out /r/RealEstateFinance. To go a bit off the beaten path, try /r/RECrowdFunding to chat about alternative, tech-driven funding methods.

Pinterest Bait

Reddit's not just conversations and shared links. Users also post interesting images and videos—visual content you can share on Pinterest. Try these home related subreddits to find content that you can pin to your Pinterest boards:

The Geek Side

Love both technology and real estate? You'll appreciate these subreddits then. Beware, though—the atmosphere in this neighborhood is unrepentantly geeky and there are a ton of technical terms flying around.

There you have it—the nickel tour of the best real estate subs that Reddit has to offer! Did you find any others that agents should follow? Give us your recommendations in the comments below.