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5 Email Security Tips for Real Estate Agents

ixact email securityReal estate agents are good at multi-tasking on the fly! But the fast-paced, mobile nature of your career means that your email security could be at risk. To help you, we're sharing some email security tips from Inc. magazine, along with suggestions of our own!

1. There's no such thing as truly private email. All information stored and sent over email is vulnerable. Avoid sending highly personal information, including financial information and passwords, through email.

2. Public, unsecured Wi-Fi connections are vulnerable to email hackers. Your mobile device may invite you to use such a connection, when you are in a public location with free Wi-Fi. For security reasons, do not use unsecured Wi-Fi when checking your email account, or doing mobile banking or any online transactions.

3. Never open attachments in unfamiliar emails. Email attachments are a common carrier of malware. If you do not know the sender, OR the message seems incongruous with the source, do not open the attachment.

4. The same goes for links embedded in an email; do not click on suspect links. Watch for "counterfeit" link addresses that look like a known company name, but contain alterations in spelling or syntax. Use special caution when the URL link is shortened; if you do not know the sender, or have doubts about the veracity of the message, do not click.

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