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5 Tips to Increase Your Brand Exposure Through Corporate Social Responsibility

March 16 2016


Are you looking to grow your brand and business presence in your local community? First things first, take a look at how your business is giving back to the community.

Your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) is exactly that, a responsibility of your business to the community you serve. CSR is a growing trend many businesses are taking much more seriously in an effort to give back to their community.

Corporate social responsibilityCorporate social responsibility is defined as the voluntary activities undertaken by a company to operate in an economic, social and environmentally sustainable manner.

Is your business lacking in its efforts to give back to the community? Here are a few ideas you can use to get your business involved in corporate social responsibility:

  1. Environmental Sustainability Projects: Turn all office lights and electronic devices off at the end of the day; limit the amount of water used in your office – purchase high efficiency appliances (dishwasher, toilets, water coolers, etc.); encourage staff and agents to reduce the paper used and wasted – there are countless paperless transaction technologies available to real estate brokerages; offer monthly community clean-up events where you and your team clean a local park or area around your office.

  2. Community Sponsorships: A local sports team; a local non-profit organization; a community fundraising event.

  3. Local Event Participation: Encourage and participate as a volunteer at a community event, the local food bank, soup kitchen or shelter; gather a team to volunteer at a local Habitat for Humanity home-build.

  4. Fundraising/Donations: Collect monetary donations for a local non-profit on dress-down Fridays; hold a clothing drive each fall to collect winter clothes for a local shelter before the cold weather hits; collect new and gently-used business attire to help less fortunate trying to get back on their feet.

  5. Community Partnerships: Team up with a local non-profit to be an exclusive partner, supporting their initiatives; pair up with a frequently referred business partner as a community partnership opportunity.

Corporate social responsibility is about giving back to the community you serve; however, it is so much more than that, too. CSR can help build comaraderie among coworkers, connect you to the community, foster a positive reputation and build trust among those you serve. And, of course, there can be major business benefits to effective corporate social responsibility, too. Having a strong brand presence and trust locally will help you recruit top talent and generate more leads; your business will be recognized for its involvement in the community and your contributions to its sustainability.

At the root of it all, effective corporate social responsibility is a great way for companies and communities to benefit and bloom.

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