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New Shift in Email Marketing Strategy

March 04 2016

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Email marketing is fast, inexpensive, and highly effective if done correctly. The pivotal word in that statement is "done."Creating custom information and send it to customers on a regular basis is heavy lifting.

Let's face it, great salespeople typically lack the writing gene – it's an introvert vs. extrovert thing. Great salespeople are also very busy working with customers and they are attracted to brokerages who take some of the marketing tasks off of their plate. Because of this, agents should look for a broker with an enterprise email-marketing engine. That takes care of getting it done. But is it being done right?

There are three key components to measuring the effectiveness of email marketing. The first an assessment of reach – How many consumers are you talking to? The second is an assessment of engagement – What is your open rate? The last is an assessment of conversion – Do they click links or contact you?

Once you have your distribution list ready, you need to create or modify your email template to make it's relevant to the area you are marketing to. Be sure that any message is branded to you and that the "From" address in your drip marketing program is set to your address, not some generic address from your brokerage. If your brokerage provides the email template, be sure to give it a read through and add or remove anything that will improve the mailing.

In most modern drip marketing platforms, everything is tracked. Monitor your open rates to see if you've reached the peak goal of 20 percent. The net effect is not only about outcomes, it is also about providing a purpose to the recipients of your messages and differentiating you from the competition by servicing the agent-client relationship for life. It works. If you want to try a good sample, register on an Intero agent website. To see a list of drip marketing solutions, see our Product Directory.

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