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5 Super Easy Tips to Make You a More Successful Real Estate Agent

February 25 2016

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Are you a successful real estate agent? What does being successful mean to you? Over the past 5 years working at Lone Wolf, I have learned a great deal about real estate agents and what it takes to be effective in a market. From engaging social media pages, “niche” real estate websites that are up to date, and even effective face-to-face marketing (yes, I am talking about door knocking).

Many real estate agents are successful because they are focused and have a consistent game plan that they follow on a daily basis. Today, I won’t tell you how to run your business. Instead, I wanted to share a few common and helpful tips that we sometimes forget during our daily grind that can benefit you moving forward.

1. Smile

Smiling, even if you are deliberately faking it, can alter our emotional state and reduce stress. From a sales viewpoint, smiling can make your voice sound more pleasantsmiling can make your voice sound more pleasant and can also be contagious when interacting with your clients face to face. Every time you smile at a client, their brain signals a response  to return the favor. Simply put, smiles have an influence on those who receive them. Sounds pretty simple, but you would be surprised how many times this simple gesture is overlooked.

2. Follow Up

Are you keeping in touch with your past client base? Real estate agents become so occupied with their next sale that they can sometimes forget to market to their most beneficial lead source. Here are a few ways you can keep in touch without the client feeling that you are desperate:

  • Send a birthday or anniversary card to express your wishful thinking. Make sure that these cards are memorable and personal.
  • Give them a call to see how they are settling in. If they do not like taking calls (which you may find with the millennial generation), you can use an app like SlyDial to go directly to their voicemail and leave a message. Just remember to smile when you call!
  • Send an email about upcoming events that are in their territory. If you know your client's interests (music, for instance), send them some information about upcoming concerts that they might be interested in attending. This will build great rapport and show your past clients that you care!

3. Rest

It is easy for real estate to become a 24/7 job. You have to make sure that you are recharging yourself so you are not getting burned out. Take time on your days off to enjoy aspects of your life that are of interest to you. Remember, an exhausted real estate agent is no use to anyone!

4. Save

As we are all aware, there are lean months in real estate. You are the controller of your business. During the busy season, you have to make sure that you are saving money for the slow months in order to ensure that you and your family are financially stable. Having a financially stable business will also help your well-being and mental focus on the job. How do you expect that you’ll be able to focus on your work when you are worried about your next car payment?

5. Exercise

Yes, the word can make many people cringe, but there are so many ways that this can be done without going to the gym. Here are a few examples:

  • Take a walk around your neighborhood. I promise your neighbors will not attack you!
  • Have stairs in your house? When you have a break, spend 5-10 minutes climbing them.
  • While watching TV, spend commercial time jogging in place or doing jumping jacks.

If you are looking to be a more successful real estate agent and build a more sustainable businesssustainable business, I encourage you to start implementing these simple tips into your daily routine.

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