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3 Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Should Use Email Marketing

February 22 2016

real estate email marketingEmail marketing isn’t new, but it remains one of the most important tools a real estate agent can use! In fact, 72% of consumers say that they prefer email as the prime communication method from companies they do business with.

91% of surveyed consumers welcome promotional emails from companies and professionals they know!

It’s no wonder that 200 million emails are issued every minute of every day. 73% of businesses say they use email marketing as part of their core advertising and branding strategies.

Whether you are already using email as a core of your real estate marketing strategies, or you’re just starting to look at CRMs, there are three big reasons agents should use email marketing:

  1. Email marketing allows you to provide informative content to an audience that has willingly opted-in to your messages, or subscribed to your newsletter.
  2. Email use is always evolving with new technology. Think about how quickly email adapted to mobile use, while websites had to catch up to being mobile-friendly! In the near future, we will see more videos sent through email. Geo-targeted emails, triggered by mobile location, will deliver information as a customer travels through certain areas. Imagine the potential for real estate email marketing!
  3. When emails include compelling subject lines and valuable content, they are opened and read. If your emails are not getting click-through, your tone and message could need improvement. Emails that contain special offers, useful information and locally-relevant topics are more apt to gain notice.

Email is a valuable tool for building brand awareness, enhancing client loyalty and staying top-of-mind. There are many email strategies you can employ, but you can start by using a dynamic CRM for real estate that simplifies your lead management and email marketing.

Keep in mind that you should periodically scrub your contact list and remove bounce-back addresses from prior campaign. You should also review the analytics from each campaign, and identify what messages are getting the most interest from recipients.

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