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Keeping Clients Connected Through Social Media

February 17 2016

Social Media 461x315Social media can be your biggest ally when trying to stay engaged with your clients and building a sustainable business. After all, recurring business and client referrals come from your relationships with past clients. You’ll want to use all the resources you can to stay connected to make sure that when your past clients are looking for their next move, they call you to help them through the process.

Social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and blogs can be your greatest assets when staying connected with your clients. Knowing which channels your clients are using most and engaging with them on a consistent basis will keep you top of mind.

How do you engage your clients through social media? Here are some tips:

Provide relevant information

You know the real estate industry better than your clients do and social media provides a channel for you to communicate your expertise to your clients and prospects in one location. Share neighborhood and school information, industry news and trends, and local activities and things to do in the area. Engage your clients with information that they want to hear about. That way, when clients are thinking about their next move, they call you first.

Use visuals
Sharing information through imagery is an effective way to engage your social media followers. Infographics on market trends and neighborhood information, virtual tour videos and images of recently listed properties are all proven effective uses of visuals to inform and engage your target market.

It’s not a one way street

Social media channels are not one-way communication vehicles. Engage in conversation with your followers; this enables you to share and have conversations with clients and prospects without having to pick up the phone, book a meeting or stop off at someone’s house. Though the latter are all very effective and engaging methods of connecting with your clients, social media allows you to do it on a grander scale.

Consistency matters

There are a variety of tools you can use to consistently communicate with your social media followers. Hootsuite and Buffer are examples of tools that allow you to schedule your posts so you can set them and go.

It’s not a sales pitch

Social media is best used to engage your audience. Provide them valuable information about the industry and your business; this isn’t a sales pitch. Keep in mind the 80/20 rule. Eighty percent of your social media posts should be information-based, engaging content, where the other 20% (maximum) can be used to promote your business and generate leads.

These are all effective ways to engage your audience and increase recurring and referral business, but social media can be a challenge for those unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the new technology. There are a number of tools available to assist you with managing your online presence that will have you looking like a professional and one step closer to building your sustainable business.

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