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An Expert Speaks: Social Media Basics for Real Estate Agents

February 10 2016

Do you consider yourself an honest-to-goodness beginner on social media? Or maybe you’re a FacebookFacebook regular looking to make the leap onto TwitterTwitter or InstagramInstagram. No matter what your experience level, it always helps to review the basics.

Social media expert and Realtor Shay Hata shared her social marketing knowledge with the winners of the Agent Transformation Sweepstakes presented by PNC Mortgage, and now you can hear what she had to say.

A Dartmouth graduate and public relations professional before she became a Realtor, Hata is a marketing maven who is deeply familiar with the day-to-day social media struggles of real estate agents. Watch the video to learn her social media basics and get some inspiration for your online presence.

Don’t have time to watch the video? Check out the written highlights on the next page.

Three rules of social media success

These are Shay’s guidelines to creating a positive online presence.

1. Be authentic

In other words, be yourself. You want to present your natural personality online, rather than appearing too formal and business-like. Allow your individual interests and peculiarities to shine through. If you love yoga or Star Wars, don’t be afraid to show your enthusiasm for them. Your charm and genuine nature (coupled with your experience) are what draw people to use you as their Realtor.

2. Interact with others

At its core, social media is about interacting with others. Rather than using your Facebook or Twitter profile as a billboard to post your listings, concentrate on making connections with your friends and followers. Encourage them, celebrate their birthdays and successes, and send them well wishes. By using social media to communicate about things other than real estate, you look like the complete, whole person that you are — and that’s what people like.

3. Do it regularly

No matter what, your social media accounts will not have an impact if you don’t update them regularly. Consistency is the key to any social media strategy. Try to post updates or comment on other people’s posts a few times a week.

What to post on social media

Shay’s number one tip for deciding what to post on social media is to post 80 percent non-real estate information and 20 percent business-related information. Rather than solely promoting your listings and sold homes, post about the 5k race you ran, the charity work you enjoy, or the fun you have with your family.

You want your followers to view you as a regular person like them, as opposed to someone who is trying to sell them something. When you do post about real estate on social media, try to make it interesting to all of your followers, rather than just the homebuyers. Post pictures of pretty views, your favorite local watering holes, and lovely neighborhood parks to showcase your neighborhood expertise.

Business vs. personal profiles

Shay has some very specific recommendations regarding business profiles and personal profiles.


Despite what you may have heard about Facebook Business profiles, it’s actually more effective for you to use your personal profile to promote your business. It’s much easier to friend your clients and see their life posts with a normal profile.


Much like with Facebook, having a combination of personal and business posts on Twitter makes you come off as a normal person, and not a business automaton. Post your listing info, but make sure you also share fun life stories and photos.


It’s in your best interest to have separate Instagram accounts for your business and personal life. Keep your professional Instagram profile dedicated to beautiful listing photos and local information. Leave the selfies and food pictures for your personal account.

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