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4 Ways to Increase Your Real Estate Leads

January 18 2016

Lead Generation Ideas for Real Estate Agents and Brokers

ihomefinder Infographic LeadGenerationrevised thumbLead generation is financially necessary for real estate agents and brokers, but producing quality leads has gotten more competitive with the growth of technology. Technology-driven business is the future for most companies, especially as the number of people who rely on their mobile devices and for information and recommendations continues to grow.

So, how can we reach people and get them to act via technology? They already have an inclination to use their latest devices to find information about local restaurants, the weather, and qualified dentists. It shouldn't be that hard to get them to use that same technology to learn about real estate opportunities and become new leads for you.

Here are just a few ideas to entice people to act on your messages, website, and social media platforms.


If a potential client cannot find what they are looking for easily and quickly, you will lose business. Awareness is a critical component of generating good leads, and it should be the central purpose of your website. Potential clients need to be aware that you are on the web, and that you have important information on your site that directly answers their questions and concerns.

Studies have repeatedly shown that more than half of your website visitors will spend a mere 15 seconds looking for quality information before moving on. If your site speed is slow or if your website could use a renovation, you will need to look into a simple, customizable website that will address these problems. A customizable experience like this can provide simple ways to improve business with customers.

More importantly, if they have a good experience on your site, i.e., the information they need is readily available and the website as a whole performed up to the expectation of a tech-savvy generation of homebuyers, then they'll be more likely to spread the awareness of your website or brokerage.


Each post on your social media platforms, website, and blog should have a call to action of some kind. Your online activities should always be focused on driving traffic to a landing page or offering a simple step to get them to act later. You need to make it easy for them to take the next step, and you need to give them a reason to do it.

Landing pages should vary, depending on the call-to-action in your post. Be sure you offer the potential client a solution for their question—this builds trust and clout for your business and gets them to come back to your site. More importantly, this is where you can start to qualify your leads by the actions they are willing to take.


Lead generation without conversion will leave your agency or brokerage floundering in a high-tech environment. The people visiting your website want some very specific answers to some very specific questions.

Be the answer for each potential client.

This means doing your research on your local market, housing costs, or even the concerns people have and may want more information on. It could be the prices of the homes in a certain area or even tips on choosing a home. If you provide an unbiased opinion, people will trust you and be willing to work with you.

All the content you create content should lead to a conversion, soft or hard. Entice them to sign up for a newsletter, an info session, or something else to get them interested and interacting with you a little bit more.

Modern home buyers have very specific needs, wants, and expectations. The most important thing we can do in the real estate industry today is work to keep up with those expectations and create an amazing experience. As technology changes, so will your potential clients. If you want to continue to generate leads and find success for your company in this technology-saturated market, you need to work smarter, not harder, to find new ways to grow and adapt.

Infographic LeadGenerationrevised

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