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Use Buyer Motivation to Drive the Real Estate Sales Process Forward

January 15 2016

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Have you asked the question, Why are we talking about this? 'This' being whatever it is that you're trying to sell. As real estate agents and/or brokers, the products being sold/purchased are homes and land. Real estate purchases being the largest investment most of us ever have, knowing what motivates people to buy and sell can be quite helpful. For real estate sales process, what format do you follow? How do you create urgency? How do you keep things moving along?

I frequently find myself in a position where a deal is pushing and, often, it is because I am trying to push the deal along rather than 'guide' the process. I have found, from either reviewing notes or through additional discovery questioning, that I am able to understand what is motivating my prospect to do something to begin with. As a Realtor, what can you do to obtain a clearer vision to what is driving your clients?

If you can effectively isolate what it is that motivated your buyer or seller and remind them of that through the journey, you'll find they drive the deal forward all on their own. Real estate motivators are, like buying real estate itself, rather significant. Think back over your last few clients, remove job relocation and put a short list together of what's driven them. Babies being born, kids going off to college, marriage, divorce, change in financial situation, and so on. The common denominator with each of these is that they are all of life-changing significance. What events impact your real estate sales process?

A person who is motivated to sell real estate and buy a replacement property because their family is expanding may think that they can begin this process a few months before the baby is born. It's your job to let them know all the steps in the process, establish timelines for those steps to be addressed and work backwards from the identified move date. If you can effectively communicate what that motivation was through the process, you may even cut your sales cycle down quite a bit and, as a result, become a more efficient and resourceful Realtor.

Human beings, by nature, want to buy – but we resent being sold to. Think about the last time you went in to a department store. You were asked if you needed help with anything, to which you most likely replied "I'm just looking." But you were there because, most likely, there was something in the store you wanted or needed. A more appropriate question might be "What brought you in today?" which would help identify that buyer motivation and ultimately create a more collaborative relationship.

The real estate sales process is challenging, full of moving pieces and changing timelines. Hopefully this can help you identify specific timelines for managing your own processes and prospects.

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