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Agents: Get Your Videos on Facebook to Generate Millennial Leads

January 11 2016

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What should I do?

Put your real estate videos on Facebook.

Why should I do that?

Re: (1) – That's a lot of views.

Re: (2) – If you knew your potential clients were going to the same place every day, don't you think that that would be a good place to market to them?

Re: (3) – Your potential clients can potentially share your video with their friends (who are also potential clients).

Take me, for example. The majority of my Facebook friends live within an hour of each other and 95% of these are fellow millennials. If I (a millennial with a young family and good job) were to share something (as 84% of my peers do) that you (an awesome real estate agent) posted on Facebook, that means your video would instantly reach a group of like-minded millennials that all live near each other. And many of these people are starting families and searching for their first home!

In other words, these people are quality leads that provide you with a) an 'in' to an established community and b) the opportunity for meaningful referrals and long-term client contacts.

Any tips for posting videos on Facebook?

  1. Keep your videos shortsimple and visually appealing.
  2. Think about when you scroll Facebook and hit a video. The video will auto-play on mute. You can click to watch along or keep scrolling and avoid altogether.
  3. Your mission is to get your viewers to stop scrolling. Get them to hit the speaker button. Get them to engage with your video and get them to share it.

So how do you do that?

  • Keep your video under 30 seconds. If you think that's too short, consider that humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfishhumans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish. And goldfish don't have smartphones.
  • Don't fade in, start the video right away.
  • No title cards. Put text over the images. People can then quickly see what the video is about with the sound off and that should motivate them to turn the sound on and watch the whole thing.
  • No bragging, no branding. The viewer doesn't care about your sales awards from three years ago. They don't care about your team, your brokerage or your brand. Not yet anyways. Right now they just care about whether your video is worth eight seconds.
  • Use your best shots. You want to grab your viewers before they goldfish off the page. You can't do that with a 10 second medium close-up of an outdated laminate countertop. You have to give them your best shots and reveal the rest later.
  • Be bold. Fortune favors the bold and so does your audience.
  • You don't want to overload your viewer with information. You don't want them to find something better to read, watch or listen to.
  • You want to hook your viewer with visuals and get them to contact you for more info. And you want these viewers to like your video so much that they share with it their like-minded Facebook friends.

Any other ideas?

Lots. Come back to the blog to find out!

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